Tuesday, November 29

Why Polo Shirts Will Always Remain in Fashion

There are not many clothing items available out there that can fit in different style outfits. It would certainly make life pretty easy for people who do not go shopping for every forthcoming event if there were fewer clothes and multiple styling options. Don’t you worry because today, we are going to tell you about the one timeless piece that is a staple in your wardrobe and would go with several styling options; the polo shirt.

If you don’t have a few different style polos in your wardrobe, you sure are going to need to buy some after reading this article. Polo shirts are comfy, comes in a variety of colors and materials, pretty easy on the pocket, and can be styled in countless ways. A plus with polos is that they can be used for professional purposes as well. Be it a business casual brunch, a Saturday at the office, or attiring your team for an office event. A polo shirt is your go-to.

Keep reading to find out why polo shirts rule the styling game and will always remain in fashion.

The Comfort Factor

Polos are extremely popular among daywear clothes. Being one of the most comfortable garments, they are light to wear, airy, breathable, and perfect for a sunny summer day. Tennis players, golfers, polo players, all opt for it as polo provides durability and room for movement while playing sports.

Polo shirts have always been the go-to item for picnics and other daytime activities as it keeps the wearer comfortable and gives a casual yet chic look.

Wearable for Both Men & Women

Being a unisex garment is one of the reasons why polo shirts are timeless. For a long time, polos have been an essential item in men’s and women’s fashion. The variety in its colors attracts both women and men. The bright and vibrant colors are usually worn by women while they have a range of subtle and light colors for men. These polos can be styled in different ways giving the wearer a great look.

The Variety Available

There is a polo shirt for every need and occasion. Polos are available in a variety of colors, designs, and materials. From long to short-sleeved, Pima cotton, Pique to knit fabrics, and synthetic blends polo shirts can be found in a range of varieties that you can choose from according to your need.

Sportspersons opt for Pima cotton polos as they are made from lightweight cotton. Pique polos are the ones you might have in your closet for day-to-day wear to keep you at ease. Golf polos are made from performance fabric and have moisture-wicking or temperature control quality.

Businesses can outfit their team in any of these polo shirts and have them embroidered with their company name or logo to increase their brand visibility or distribute as a promotional item. 

For Business Casual Looks

For a long time, polo shirts were only used as casual wear, like on picnics, outings, for doing chores on a sunny day. But with the evolution of fashion and diminishing boundaries of what can be worn where. Polo shirts made their way into the formal wear scene. 

Polos can now be seen in offices, business events, or corporate lunches. Paired with the right garments like a blazer, a jacket, or a pair of plaid pants, polo shirts fit right into the mix creating a business smart look making you look chic and stand out from the crowd.

For Promoting Brands

As discussed earlier, polos have been in fashion since forever and a staple for both men and women both. They are available in different qualities, fabrics, colors, and styles which is why they are the first choice for promoting your brand. Polos look stylish yet professional because of which businesses attire their staff at restaurants, resorts, and other workplaces with their logo or name customized on it. Even as a promotional product with a company name or message embroidered, polos make a great and affordable promotional product that helps in boosting your brand visibility. 

The Bottom Line

Polos made their debut through the polo sport when players wanted a light fabric that looked nice while providing mobility. It was in and out of the fashion scene for a long time. For the past few years, polo shirts have made a steady comeback and look like they are here to stay. Polos are a great example of simple, practical fashion creating a strong fashion game by making you look professional but feel casual. 

Keeping in view the points mentioned above, it seems that polo shirts can fit into any style. Be it casual, formal, or even used for promotional intent. And these are reasons enough to prove why polo shirts will always remain in fashion. Visit ApparelnBags and check out their variety of polo shirts to stay on top of the fashion game. They offer amazing discounts at highly affordable prices, so stock up on polo shirts to go for different looks.