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Why Copywriting Techniques Is Important For SEO And Digital Marketing?

Content is the King! Have you ever heard that term? If the answer is ‘yes’, it is a form of copywriting implementation. On this occasion, I will explain specifically; about copywriting techniques, what is copywriting? How, and why it’s important. Especially in the world of digital marketing.

In the Industrial era 4.0. And where everything has led to the digital world, high-quality and influential content has become one of the most effective tools for selling. Either in products or services.

You may not be able to talk one by one, to many people. Especially in the online market. Then it’s the content, who represents you. And one of them is through writing. Where soon, you will read how to work to create quality content. Through the art of professional copywriting. 

This Art of Copywriting sourced from Yoast SEO Academy! That we have followed. Where explains the importance of having high-quality content on business sites. From exploring important elements of great content. So, the main thing is readability. And how can it be done? If you are interested in exploring this high level of knowledge, then keep reading.

Before Discussing Deeper, Are There Some General Questions Related To Copywriting? 

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is an action or a job. In the form of writing text. This is often used for advertising purposes or other forms of marketing strategies. The application, in the form of a product, called a copy, is written content. Where the aim is to increase the awareness of the ‘brand’ whose ultimate goal is to influence, persuade, people, or groups of people to take certain actions. Like buying, following, registering, and so on.

Why Copywriting is Important?

The above has already been mentioned, Content is the King! And, until now, it still applies. Maybe even for a very long period. Before humans, find new ways. If you want to plunge in the world of digital marketing, then a science or te k Nik Copywriting is the most important. For you to master!

You will sell, persuade, and influence people through the Copywriting Technique. And of course the professional ones.

It’s no use, you have a great site, countless traffic, many followers, good and quality products, but the content that you create doesn’t have the power to be a business marketing tool. Which is your main goal?

Now, please answer yourself, why important copywriting strategy?

How to copywriting well?

First, you need to understand the science and strategy. Then do as much exercise as possible. The more often you write, the more you become trained. And that makes you an expert. The knowledge that I shared about the art of Copywriting, is part of the steps that make it easy. That’s from experience, the rest is about yourself.

What is an example of good copywriting?

You can read this article. Learn the art of writing, paragraph arrangement, the number of words in a sentence, the use of subtitles, and others.

The Importance Of Great Content

High-quality content is one of the most important, in terms of a successful SEO strategy.

Producing content requires some creative writing skills. You might not be able to instantly become Hemingway, but you should try to write well. Why? This is the answer;

There are several reasons why you should produce great content. First of all, about SEO. You should see Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

From this, it can be concluded that you must provide the best information to get the best results.

Moreover, even in a highly competitive market, good content is a must, because it helps you to distinguish yourself, from the rest.

Also, the well-written text is important! Because, this enhances the user experience, which is a key aspect of SEO. Great content is only part of providing good service to your (potential) customers.

Positive Effect On SEO

The cost and time to write the best content are not only beneficial for the reasons above; it also has a positive effect regarding SEO. Here are the positive effects;

1. Your Message Will Be Better.

Each blog post has several types of messages. This message is the purpose of the writing: what do you want to say? What should the reader take from you? Articles on your website can, for example, tell people about the features of your product.

If your product page is poorly written, chances are, people will not understand your message. If your work is well thought out, well structured and free of spelling mistakes and typos, the chances are much higher, that, people understand your text messages.

Interestingly, conveying your message to search engines also works the same way. If you compose your text well and write clearly, Google will more likely understand what your text is. Of course, this can directly affect your ranking.

2. Lower Bounce Rate.

If your content is well written and well structured, the chances are far higher, that, readers will stay on your site. To read posts. That will result in a lower bounce rate (the percentage of people who landed on your website, and did nothing on the page they entered), and will ultimately increase your ranking in the search engines.

3. Increase in Trust.

High-quality pieces will have an effect of reminding your readers of trust. If your content is well-read and free of typos, it will look much more professional. This will make it easier for people to trust you and your blog.

If people trust your blog, they will be more likely to return to your website, to read your next post, or to buy your product.

4. More Attention (Social Media).

Interesting blog posts are more likely to be shared on social media. Or talked about among friends.

For a post to be shared on social media, you must first convince someone to read the article itself. And more importantly, someone must think your post is awesome enough to be shared on their timeline on Facebook or Twitter (or other social media).

Great Content Element

Before you can start writing content, it’s important to find the right focus keywords, as discussed in the previous article.

If you want to get high rankings in search results, you have to find out the words your audience is looking for. These are words that you must use in your text.

If you have done keyword research correctly, it is time to write!

High-quality and SEO-friendly content has three demands: the content must be original, readable, and discoverable. Let’s look more closely at the three demands.

1. Content Must Be Original.

The first pillar of high quality and SEO Friendly content is writing original content. Your blog post or article must be fresh, new, and original.

It must be different from all the other blog posts and articles that are already on the internet. That must be something people want to read.

Try to remember that original content does not always mean new content. For example, giving your opinion on a particular topic, or giving a structured overview of old information, is also considered original content.

2. Content Must Be Readable.

Your article must be easy to read. Readability is important for the audience. If your text is well structured and clear, people will understand your text message.

On top of that – as explained earlier – readability is also important for SEO.

People read your text, Google also reads text. If your text is easier to read, have a clear structure. Like having clear subtitles and paragraphs, Google is more likely to understand the main message of your post.

If Google understands messages from your posts, your posts are more likely to rank in search engines.

3. Content Must Be Discoverable.

The final pillar of extraordinary and SEO-friendly content is ensuring your content can be found.

Affordability is related to maximizing the possibility of Google taking your content in search engines. You need to take this last step after you have written the original and legible post. Affordability should not compromise the authenticity of your idea, or the readability of your text.

And this is included in the SEO strategy. We have services; High-quality SEO services that are supported by the SEO Expert team. Who dares to guarantee money-back guarantees. If it does not meet the target service offered.

Readability And Support On SEO Plugins For WordPress

I like promoting WordPress and the Yoast SEO Plugin. But that is not the purpose. But, based on experience from the use of various platforms, this two software is very reliable.

In the art of copywriting, legibility is one of the key elements of great content. But what makes the text readable? And why is legibility so important? And how does the Yoast SEO plugin help you create readable content?

What Does Readable Content Look Like?

First of all, readable text is well-structured text.

It must have an introduction, a body of content where you deliver the message, and a conclusion.

In this larger structure, the text needs to be subdivided into paragraphs that reflect your ideas and arguments.

This paragraph must be preceded by a clear subheading, stating the content of each paragraph.

Next, make sure to start each paragraph with a topic sentence. The topic sentence is the most important in that paragraph.

This will give the reader an idea of ​​the whole paragraph. All the following sentences in the paragraph will then be described in the topic sentence

In addition to these structural elements, you should also consider style elements.

Your text must be fun to read. When it comes to word choices and sentence structure, choose short, clear ones. Rather than long and convoluted.

Write sentences that are not too long and use the word transition. To show the relationship between sentences and paragraphs. Transitional words are words like “contrast”, “enhancement”, or “because of that”.

These words give your readers direction when reading your text.

Don’t overdo it with complicated terminology. Don’t fill your sentences with long and difficult words, when you can also use simpler words to achieve the same effect.

Once Again! The Importance Of Legibility

Has been discussed many times, why is legibility important.

Before we get into legibility analysis, it’s important to understand why legibility is so important for your SEO strategy.

Focus On Your Audience

Most importantly, legibility is important because you want to focus on the audience. And their reading experience. You want your text to be pleasant to read, and you want your readers to understand your post’s messages quickly.

Scanning Text

Also, it’s important that your text can be scanned. People want to be able to quickly scan a page to get an overview. About the content of your page.

People want to know if your text provides answers to their questions before they read the full article.

Separating text into paragraphs that are preceded by subheadings, makes it easy for your readers to decide whether they want to read your article, or which part they want to read.

The same applies to the topic of the sentence.

People tend to read the first sentence, from each paragraph. Because they can text. Therefore, make sure to incorporate these elements into your text.

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Google Ranking Algorithm

Also, Google’s ranking algorithm is a consideration. Google is getting smarter and keeps getting smarter in evaluating websites.

To determine the topic of a page, Google uses several factors. And that follows the tendency of the mind that humans use, to read; like posts and subheadings.

You want Google to understand your text messages, if yes, you have to think, how can humans be able to understand the messages you write in your articles.

Voice Search

This might be a new trend. Voice search is becoming increasingly important. Readability becomes more important too.

When you use voice search – for example, on a cellphone or the Google Home – you might get spoken results, for your search terms.

In this case, you don’t want to have to listen to very long and convoluted sentences. If clarity is important when reading text, it’s even more important to understand the message spoken.

What was done for the readability analysis?

I think, at this point, we have agreed that; legibility is important.

For your readers, also for your ranking on Google.

In this case, why I like recommending plugin Yoast SEO because it can help you write content that is easy to read.

The Yoast SEO plugin offers readability analysis. You can find this readability analysis in the SEO Yoastmeta box, which is located on the page when you post the editor screen.

The readability analysis is shown in Figure 2 on the next page.

Readability analysis uses an algorithm to determine how easy your post is read.

It displays several checks that will give you advice when you write your post.

By following suggestions, you can make your text easier to read and understand.

Readability Check

In the Yoast SEO plugin, there is a function as a checklist, to give you advice on the readability of your text:

Transitional Words

Do you use transitional words like ‘the most important’, ‘because’, ‘because of that’ or ‘other than’ to make a coherent text?

Using these words, improve the flow of your article. Because giving instructions to the reader about what will happen next.

Beginning Of Sentence

Are there consecutive sentences starting with the same word? This can quickly become repetitive and it’s annoying. Always mix and use other vocabularies for your sentences, so that your article is easy to read and free from repetition.

Ease Of Reading Flesch

This world-famous test analyzes text and scores on a scale of 1-100. The lower the score, the harder it is to read the text.

Text with a very high Flesch reading score (around 100). That is, very easy to read. They have short sentences and no more than two-syllable words. Typically, an easy reading score of 60-70. This is believed to be acceptable for web content.

Paragraph Length

Some people tend to use very long paragraphs. Doing so makes your text look scary because it only becomes one big blob of text.

Crush, make simple pieces. Use shorter paragraphs and enter subtitles.

Sentence Length

Sentence length is one of the core problems that make the text difficult to read. If your sentence is too long – more than 20 words – people might lose track of your points.

Often, the reader has to jump back a few words, to understand what you mean.

This is very tiring and inefficient. Try to keep the number of words in the sentence. Shorten your sentence. In copywriting techniques, you must make clear and simple texts, not complex literary works. Especially making people have to think hard.

Passive Voice

Passive sounds are grammatical construction, in which noun phrases will be the object of active sentences.

Use a lot of passive sounds in your text, make it look far away, and your message will be less clear.

Your sentence becomes wordy and difficult to understand. Because the reader must work harder to understand the structure of the sentence.

Whenever you use passive voice, always consider whether better, active alternatives are available.

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Conclusion Copywriting Techniques

So about this Copywriting technique created. Where expected, makes you think that high-quality content, is one of the most important requirements of a successful SEO strategy. High-quality content has three basic elements: the content must be original, readable, and discoverable.

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