Which Template to Choose to Make a Modern Resume?

Which Template to Choose to Make a Modern Resume?          

The first step fora job search is to write a resume. It will trigger the very first impression that the recruiter will have of you. Its achievement is all the more important as it will be your passport to a possible physical encounter. Also, depending on certain circumstances, the form of the CV may change: depending on the country but also depending on the type of job you are looking for. In recent years, resume templates have mushroomed, each highlighting a specific area or ability. Today, the two most used styles are the anti-chronological resume and the thematic resume.

The Anti-chronological Resume

It is certainly the most used type of resume. It owes its name to the fact that experiences (work and study) are not listed in chronological order but from most recent to oldest ones. Regarding studies, it is a question of mentioning the diplomas obtained as well as specializations. As for the experiences, try to detail the missions carried out by starting with those most related to the position you are looking for. For your convenience, you can find the right modern resume example for word online.

The recruiter’s goal is to find out more about you to better understand your assets and weaknesses, not to judge you. They do not necessarily expect you to have worked for many years already! Also, if you do not have a lot of professional experience yet, do not hesitate to mention your student jobs. They prove that you are ready to take up the dough! Likewise, if you are part of associations or have participated in humanitarian projects, mention them, they are also appreciated!

The Thematic Model

Ona thematic CV, the skills are the most highlighted. They are grouped by theme, without taking into account the chronology or the result obtained. This CV template is very useful if you want to show your experiences in a particular sector and therefore continue to work in that sector. The thematic model can also be used to hide a blank period of inactivity.

Read the job description carefully and try to understand what the company is looking for. Usually, the job description has a “Skills Sought” section that specifies what the employer is looking for in that role. This is the reason why it is better to avoid sending the same CV to several.