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Which Design Approach Helps in Building Sites That Are Optimized for Varied Screen Sizes?

Have you seen websites that adapt themselves to different screen sizes? There is a particular design approach that the developers had used in developing them. This design approach will optimize your website to all screen sizes. Are you curious to know what design approach it is? If yes, keep reading.

It is ‘responsive web design.’ The majority of web developers use this design approach to get their website in shape on all devices no matter what the screen size is. When the content of your website does not fit the screen, it will automatically rearrange itself dynamically. Read this article fully to know more about responsive web design and its use.

Advantages of responsive web design:

●    Screen optimization: It optimizes the website to all devices irrespective of the screen size. This makes your website simple and easy to use.

●    User experience: This design stands at the edge of the curve when it comes to the user experience. This is why many websites are switching to this design approach.

●    Space utilization: There is no waste of space in responsive web design. It literally makes use of all spaces making your website look clear. You can follow-up web design glossary here.

●    Adaptiveness: This design optimizes your website to new screen sizes with no work. You save your valuable time and effort irrespective of the technology change.

●    Flexibility: Responsive design is more flexible and compatible with your website. This is the major advantage of this design approach that gained a big reach.

Disadvantages of responsive web design:

●    Complexity: The complexity of responsive web design is high when it comes to implementation. People having great technical knowledge can only handle this.

●    Time: The time taken to implement responsive web design is high and keeps increasing. But this design still stands out because of the effectiveness.

●    Difficulty: As there are no fixed dimensions, designing the layout with the framework is pretty difficult. A more technical approach is involved in this design.

●    Control: You cannot have full control over the design of your website in this design approach. There are chances of misleading the layout too.

Why responsive web design is the best for your website?

If you are someone who is targeting a major group of audience, responsive web design is the best option for your website? Here is the reason for the same. All your audience will not be visiting your phone from a laptop or a system. There are mobile phone users too. You have to make your website mobile-friendly to deliver the same content to them. To do this, you need to use the responsive design approach in building your website.

When you are targeting a particular group of audience who are desktop users, you do not need this design approach. A design that optimizes your website to the desktop screen is more than enough. It is still better to have a responsive web design to stay on the safer side as the technology constantly keeps changing.

When you have a target group who are mobile phone users, it is more likely that at least a few of them would use a desktop. In this case, you need a responsive web design to optimize your screen size for them both to get a better result and user experience. In this way, you are becoming more professional to your customers.

When you have to cover all devices separately, you will have to design the same for 6 layouts. This is even more time-consuming than responsive web design. To save your time and effort, you can happily go with this design approach without a doubt. You can rather invest your time in your web pages to improve them.

This design always keeps your websites no matter what new technology evolves. In this competitive world, we have to move ahead to meet the standards of the market. So it is always advisory to prepare your website for the upcoming technological changes too. This design will optimize your site for strange screen sizes if they evolve in near future.


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