Tuesday, November 29

What Makes a Goodman 4 Ton Air Handler Different from Smaller Models

If your home’s HVAC system has a split system, there’s a pretty good chance that it has an air handler. Not all systems have them, but those that do might leave the homeowners wondering just exactly what the air handler does. The name of the piece of equipment is fairly straightforward and actually gives more clues to their function than other HVAC units like heat pumps and condensers – but to say that all air handlers do is “handle air” would be somewhat of a misrepresentation.

For one thing, yes, air handlers do “handle the air” in that they are responsible for circulating air throughout a home after it has been heated or cooled by the air conditioner or furnace. However, some air handlers also have cooling elements and so are able to supplement the other units in the system with additional cooling power.

With that in mind, one of the most glaring distinguishers between different air handlers is in the tonnage rating that is often advertised in their titles. So, broaching that subject, what is the difference between a Goodman 4 ton air handler and a smaller unit – or a larger one, for that matter?

Luckily, this is one of the things about HVAC units that are as simple as they sound. The tonnage rating of an air handler or of any other component of a heating or air conditioning system is how much air they can effectively manage. In this case, it’s the amount of air that an air handler can effectively circulate.

However, most reasonable people don’t think in terms of tonnage when they think of air. Actually, most people really don’t get too far into quantifying air, unless they happen to be physicists or pneumatic specialists of some sort or other. For the rest of us, consult the following.

The best way we can represent this is in the amount of cooling power that an air conditioner can cool. For these purposes, when you hear the phrase “ton of air” equate it with about 12,000 BTUs of cooling power. This is a relatively linear concept, but to make it more approachable, consider it this way.

An air conditioner that’s rated as a “1-ton” air conditioner can roughly – and we mean roughly, because there are a lot of other factors at play here – cool down a space that is around 300 to 600 square feet. A unit that is 1.5 tons can cool down about 600 to 900 square feet, and a unit that is 2 tons can cool down a space of about 900 to 1200 or so feet. Remember, these estimations are extremely rough, as there is a lot more at play.

Using the following calculations as a guide, a Goodman 4 ton air handler should be able to manage somewhere around 1800 to 2400 square feet of space, but again, this varies. It depends on the type of air handler, the other HVAC equipment in the system, the humidity level in the air, the energy efficiency of the system, and much more.

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