Wednesday, February 1

What is the Best Computer/Laptop for Graphic Design?

Today computers have become an indispensable element in our day to day. We could say that they almost show themselves as an extension of ourselves, showing themselves as really effective tools not only to work but also to facilitate endless tasks daily.

On the market, there is a huge variety of different computers that adapt to the needs of each person, so it can sometimes be difficult to choose a specific computer, especially if you are not closely related to the world of computing.

For this reason, from Info computer we have proposed to give you a hand and help you choose the best laptop for graphic design. And it is that graphic design has become a booming profession and one of the most demanded in recent years, which has led to more and more people looking for a computer for graphic design, which must have a performance superior to what most conventional computers usually offer.

It must be borne in mind that a graphic designer uses specific programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhino, 3D Studio, and many others, which need a series of features and hardware that allow them to get the most out of their projects.

What requirements must a PC meet for graphic design?

There are many requirements that a computer must meet for graphic design. It requires a series of specifications superior to those of the simplest computers, below we will tell you all:


A computer for graphic design requires a processor that allows you to enjoy the maximum performance and the greatest speed when working. There are many processors suitable for graphic design, although the Intel Core i7 is one of the ones that stand out the most above the rest due to all its features.


RAM also plays a vital role in computers for graphic designers. Experts recommend having a TAM memory of at least 16 GB, although if you are really demanding you might feel more comfortable with a 32 GB RAM.


The computer’s hard drive must be SSD since they are the ones that offer the highest performance when it comes to streamlining operations carried out with the operating system and the use of data in applications.

Graphics card

It is best to have a dedicated graphics card, preferably from AMD or NVIDIA, which are shown to be the most effective on the market, allowing you to get the most out of applications such as Photoshop or Rhino, two of the most used in graphic design.


You will need a screen that has a large enough resolution since it will allow you to focus more on the details without having to resort to the zoom button and enjoy greater comfort.

Some extra accessories

Depending on your level of work and demand, you may need to get some extra accessories beyond the computer, such as a graphic tablet that allows you to work with greater flexibility, a mouse that adjusts to your needs, an ergonomic keyboard, etc.