VR: follow the guide!

More and more Quebec vacationers are being seduced by the mobility and comfortable camping offered by recreational vehicles. Here is what you need to know before setting off on an adventure driving an RV.

How to choose the right RV?

The purchase of a recreational vehicle is an important investment that it is better not to make blind. Before you get started, seek the advice of an expert to help you set your priorities. What is your budget? How often and how do you plan to use your RV? Is Will buying a car with higher traction capacity be necessary? It is by asking the right questions that you will be able to properly assess your needs.

Purchase of an RV: the elements to consider to establish your budget

Vacationers looking for a recreational vehicle are spoiled for choice since there are a wide variety of models available on the market. The larger the vehicle, the higher the cost of maintaining and storing it in winter. The price varies according to the type of vehicle, but the surface area, the number of beds, the maximum weight that the RV can tolerate and the various accessories (bike rack, air conditioner, spare battery, etc.) which it is equipped with modify also the deal. When considering your budget, consider considering maintenance costs, the cost of gas and insurance, as well as the purchase of bedding, table linens, dishes, cutlery and other household products that will make your RV functional for everyday life. In general,

Everyone has their RV

Recreational vehicles are divided into two categories:

1) Motorized vehicles

Also called motor homes, they are separated into three classes.

  • Class A (motorized RV built on a simple chassis)
  • Class B (built from a regular van to which is added a raised roof)
  • Class C (built from a chassis of a motor vehicle equipped with a van cabin)

2) Towable vehicles

Different models of trailers belong to this category.

  • The classic (or conventional) caravan
  • Fifth wheel caravan
  • The tent-caravan (or tent-trailer)
  • The separable motorhome
  • The classic hybrid caravan (or hybrid trailer)

Rental: a good option!

If you are unable to make your choice, take advantage of the advantages offered by the rental of a recreational vehicle. Whether you want to explore life in a luxury trailer or motorhome, having the RV for a few days will give you a better idea of ​​your interests and your needs.

Tempted by a used RV?

Make sure that the model you are looking for has not been subject to water infiltration. If this is the case, the problem must have been repaired according to the standards in force. Check the condition of the fabrics and awnings. For peace of mind, have the vehicle inspected by a trusted garage?

Travelling in VR: what you need to know before hitting the road

Are you a new recreational vehicle owner? To protect your new purchase, a few measures are necessary.

Do a rigorous maintenance

To avoid a glitch on the road, scrupulously follow the maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer. Regularly check the tightness of the panels to avoid devastating water infiltration and maintain the accessories (water heater, electric awning, air conditioner, etc.) carefully. Have your vehicle inspected annually and protect it adequately from the rigours of winter.

Insurance: choose the right cover

The law requires that you insure your vehicle for civil liability protection of at least $ 50,000. Insurers, on the other hand, recommend an amount of one million dollars, and two million if you are travelling outside Quebec. Thus, in the event of damage suffered by your RV (collision, material and bodily damage suffered by others), you will be adequately protected. Do not forget to ensure the material goods that are inside the vehicle and to take out travel insurance if you plan to leave the beautiful province. Finally, bet on a roadside assistance service like the CAA-RV CAA Plus RV card, which will greatly simplify your life in the event of a breakdown.

Our tips for planning your RV trip

There is a multitude of possible routes and ways to use your RV. Whatever destination you choose, planning is essential. Details that may seem insignificant before departure may not be once on the road:

  • Where can I drain the grey and black water?
  • Where will it be possible to legally park my vehicle?
  • Does the route include roads on which the passage of RVs is prohibited?
  • Which campsites can accommodate my motorhome or trailer, provide the services I need and offer activities that I enjoy?

To complete your project, start preparing for your trip in advance. Learn about your destination, get a travel guide and ask for advice. CAA-Quebec professionals can help you create a personalized trip with TripTik, provide you with road maps, help you rent a recreational vehicle, recommend activities and suggest essential products to slip into your suitcase.

An informed driver is worth two

Driving a motor vehicle or a vehicle with a trailer requires some adjustments. Once behind the wheel …

  • Do not drive too fast: the weight of the trailer considerably increases the braking time.
  • Always keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front.
  • Maintain a reasonable speed: the imposing dimensions of the trailers make them very sensitive to wind.
  • Slowly slow down when entering curves and avoid abrupt deceleration. You should be flexible.
  • Pay attention to blind spots, more pronounced with an imposing vehicle. If a driver passes you, you risk losing sight of him for a long time.
  • Take a good look at the road signs and take into account the height and width of your trailer.
  • Not used to driving a vehicle with a trailer? Sign up for a specialized driving course: you will become a real pro!