Wednesday, February 1

Top Tips To Customize Polo T-Shirts With Style

Polo t-shirts are the most popular and versatile clothing pieces worn by boys and men. It stands out to be an essential wardrobe staple in every men’s wardrobe and can never go out of fashion. May it be summers, rainy season, or winter, a polo t-shirt can go well for every season. All you need to know are the style hacks to style up your polo t-shirt right. Want to know how you can play some tricks with polo t-shirts? Here are a few ways in which you can wear polo t-shirts without compromising on your style quotient:

Up your game with chinos:

Wearing polo t-shirts with jeans to rock that casual look is quite common and a boy next door look. To add some dramatic twirl, try pairing polo t-shirts with chinos and see how you can transform that simplistic look into a gentleman’s affair. Wearing polo t-shirts with chinos fuses a classy touch to the overall looks of a person and makes some heads turn around to win you compliments. Further, you can pair up the entire look with pointed shoes to complete the overall appearance.

Pair it up with trousers:

Did you think that polo t-shirts can only be worn as casual attire? Try pairing it up with your formal trousers and feel the difference. For workplaces that allow the employees to dress up in their own style without any restrictions, you can consider experimenting with polo t-shirts with formal pants. And, for offices that have a formal uniform code, you can experiment with this look on the day when you are allowed to wear casuals. Pairing up trousers with polo t-shirts can accentuate your fashion style statement and make your style outshine amongst your fellow colleagues. 

Leather bottoms:

All your peppy polo t-shirts can go well with tight-fitted leather jeans. Though this is not an attire that you can carry everywhere, especially in the office, you can still wear this occasionally. In such a case, playing bold with monochromatic colors can work out the perfect hack. To be particular, you can couple a black leather bottom with a white shirt to work out the black and white love story. Further, you can couple it with a pair of sneakers or stylish shoes of your choice. 

Get the right fit:

Polo t-shirts should never be too tight nor too loose. You should ensure that it fights your right without kissing your body from every angle. Tight Polo shirts can make you feel strangulated, and thus always make sure that you don a rightly fitted polo t-shirt to up your game of styling up. Another thing to keep note of is that do not just check the body-hugging factor of these t-shirts but also check their height. A right height polo t-shirt should only reach your hip line and not below that, or it may spoil your style. So make sure that you check the fitting and height before you buy one. 

Don’t pop up the collar:

Popping up the polo t-shirt collar has become a common sight these days. But save yourself from replicating the same act because it comes under bad habits, and you should save yourself from following the same track. Especially when you are at your workplace, you need to follow some basic etiquette of dressing up. And, popping up the collar is a big blunder that you can make to deteriorate the image of your workplace. Popping up the collars while wearing polo t-shirts with half pants for men while heading out for a casual outing is fine, but not when you are in the office. 

Experiment with patterns:

Playing with patterns is an age-old story, but it is an evergreen hack that always works out the magic of newness. May it is broad strips, vertical, lean, or horizontal ones, you can try them all when it comes to stop lo shirts. Going in the same line, you can also couple striped polo shirts with stripe pants to see the pixie dust it spreads in the name of style quotient. Pairing polo t-shirts with jeans and trousers are a classy affair and can be easily worn for a casual outing or lunch date. 


Every male has a couple of polo t-shirts in their wardrobe to step out in style, but they fail to style up in the right way while wearing these basic wardrobe staples. These were a few ways in which you can dress up uniquely while wearing polo t-shirts. Try these styles and get ready to rock your style, raising the fashion bar a bit higher than what it used to be. So what are you waiting for? Shop some of your favorite color polo t-shirts and make your dressing exciting and stylish as never before!