There can be no other better option than using gorgeous and magical flowers to express your eternal emotions and feelings. Flowers, the gift to us from mother nature serves us in many different ways. They keep us fresh and enhance the good mood with their aroma, become a part of home décor by making our house look beautiful, helps us to say our feelings for someone without the usage of words and also helps the mind and the nerves to relax. You will never feel disappointed to rely on the language of flowers to speak out your love or other feelings. Every flower that exists in this world holds a coded message that is associated with a particular emotion and gets decoded itself when you use them to express yourself.

In this article, we will be sharing how you can use different flowers to express yourself. After knowing the significance of these topmost 5 blossoms you can order flowers online to pour your heart out.


Almost every single person loves these beautiful blossoms which makes them to always top the list whenever it comes to flowers. The reason behind this is their extreme charm and the deep meaning that they have. Roses come in a lot of colours and hues such as red, yellow, pink, white, purple, etc and each of them has a different meaning. With the help of red roses, you can express your deep love, yellow roses represent affection, pink ones represent gratitude and so on.


Carnations look gorgeous and can melt anyone’s heart with their lovely appearance. They can be found in many shades such as light red, dark red, white, pink, purple, yellow, etc. Each shade of these gorgeous flowers plays a symphony in the heart with their beauty and the magical aroma. Luck and purity are symbolized by white carnations. If you don’t want to go for the red roses to express your love, then dark red carnations are the perfect choice for the same.


The unique slender shape of the flower buds of tulips is what makes them different and unique from the other flowers. These flowers look simply amazing. We should be thankful to nature for providing us with the beautiful flowers with many different shades. These gorgeous blossoms also come in many colours out of which you can use the red tulips to express the feeling of passion and love, yellow tulips can help express cheerfulness and the purple ones represent elegance.


Mistakes are a part of our life. We all commit mistakes at some point of time and thus saying sorry for the same at the right time is what that matters to revive our bonds. To grant an apology from someone one can choose the lily of the valley which is one of the best choices for the same. These blossoms let the other person know that you are sorry for whatever you have done and want to forget the past and start from the beginning again.


The secret to a happy life is gratitude. In many books, it is mentioned that we should thank the universe and the god for everything we have and should also keep the feeling of gratitude alive within us. Gratitude can be shown to other people too which is a very sweet gesture. Thus, we can appreciate someone with the help of daisies that are very colourful and cheerful. These lovely looking blossoms will say thank you with their cheerful colours. So, get online flowers delivery for daisies and say thank you.

We hope that you liked this article about the different flowers associated with various emotions. So, send flowers to Kolkata online to someone and express those emotions and feelings of yours that you were unable to say with the help of words.


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