Thursday, December 8


Here are the some important TIPS FOR ENJOYING YOUR RV

Many people spend hundreds of dollars to keep their recreational vehicles in good repair every year. The good news is that the camping adventure doesn’t necessarily end when winter arrives. For those with adventurous spirits, freezing temperatures are not a limit but a challenge. Here are some tips to help you overcome this challenge:


To prevent your tanks from freezing, you can either buy heating panels and attach them to the tanks or you can use some other form of insulation. Speciality stores and RV dealers can give you more information and advise you on the right models for your RV.


The first thing to do when planning to camp in winter is to make sure everything is well insulated inside your RV. Don’t forget the floors, pipes and roof. Insulation foam is the most used product for this task then it is found everywhere on the market. If you have any doubts, your RV dealer or mechanic can give you advice.

Then install the window protectors and use the insulation of your choice for the door. If there is air leakage in your RV you will inevitably lose heat and cold can damage your vehicle or cause you health problems. It is also important to install an insulation system for your water pipes. That said, always have at least one or two gallons of drinking water available.


Once your RV is well insulated, it’s time to think about the humidity. Install protections for your ventilation system to prevent rain or snow inside your RV. Ready-to-use protections are available over the counter but you can also make them yourself if you are a handyman.


  • Make sure you have enough blankets in your RV to keep everyone warm. Also, remember to park your RV in full sun, you will be surprised to know how much the sun can warm your RV in winter. To meet your electricity needs, consider installing a solar energy system. This will allow you to make some savings on electricity and keep your RV battery fully charged.