Saturday, March 25

Tips and Tricks Before Going to the Maldives

The Maldives Islands is the ideal place to spend an idyllic stay away from the train of everyday life. It is still necessary to prepare the stay to quietly savour the happiness offered by this string of unique islands. Here are some tips and tricks to make the most of the trip.

Preparing for the trip: a crucial step

stay in the Maldives like any trip requires devoting an adapted budget to it. Preparing yourself well for the costs of your stay, therefore, becomes compulsory. This destination is distinguished from the others by the possibility of choosing an island hotel for accommodation. For this type of hotel, the all-inclusive formula is the most attractive. The reason is that extras and taxes can be very expensive.

Still, within the framework of the preparation of the trip, the date must be well chosen so that the weather does not get in the way of the resort. The best thing is to plan your stay between November and March to avoid the rainy period. However, the climate in the Maldives Islands close to the equator is conducive to year-round travel. Generally, the good weather will be there.

And finally, for a well-prepared trip, planning the trip and transportation from departure to arrival is also important. If the stay is planned for less than a month, the visa is not compulsory. The best way to pay less for the trip is to choose independent international flights. The transfer to the chosen island is then done by seaplane or by traditional boat.

Tips for an unforgettable vacation

Adapt your behaviour to the places.

The government is very strict on the spot, the behaviour of tourists must be exemplary during the passage in the capital. Even if the time spent in Male is generally quite short, the sanctions are very severe in the event of a breach of the regulations. There are only a few hours between landing at the airport and transfer to the hotel islands.

Choose an island-hotel

The island hotels being private and rather luxurious, the cost of accommodation is necessarily more expensive.

In order not to be surprised, you must carefully check what is included in the hotel offer (WiFi, excursions, diving, etc.).

Snorkelling in the Maldives

For snorkelling enthusiasts, the place is ideal, do not forget to bring masks and snorkels for the dives.