Yes, Tie-Dye Tank Tops Are Still Cool

Just at the mention of the name, tie-dye tank tops often get dismissed for being too casual. People seem to think that it is not much you can do with this “tacky” print. That could not be further from the truth. These tops are so diverse that the right one can be added to almost anyone’s wardrobe without seeming out of place. If you are ordinarily one to turn your nose up at tie-dye clothing, then please read on. There is much more to this print than you may have thought.

Where Did They Come From?

We all seem to have it in our minds that tie-dye tank tops and T-shirts were a creation of the 1960s. The “Summer of Love” and “flower child” era brought this design to our televisions and posters as we began to associate it with that period of counter culture and experimentation. While there is some merit to this, it is not the entire truth. This period did bring tie-dye garments to our attention in the mainstream, but it did not birth them. Tie-dye is a method of treating fabric that can be dated back over a thousand years ago in East Asia. The simple dyeing method of tying fabric into knots and dipping it into colored water to create an effect carried on for centuries since then and eventually made it to the 20th century United States. Tie-dye tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, and decorations have since been seen on the streets and in homes across the country.

Why They Still Work

With so much history behind tie-dye garments, it’s impressive that they still hold up today. But it should come as no surprise. Tie-dye gives you a lot of potentials to create something beautiful with colors that fade into and out of each other. The resulting print is a beautiful, fun design that adds to an outfit easily. The more you play with the pattern of the knotted fabric, the more shapes, and designs you can create within the blouse that makes it seem so much more sophisticated than the tie-dye tops you probably made in your backyards as children.

Thankfully we are not expected to do this ourselves, and we can instead shop for these amazing tie-dye tank tops in stores and online. As a printed blouse, they are deceptively easy to style and wear for different occasions. The thought of wearing tie-dye tank tops for work or more dressy looks might sound a little funny since this is often thought of as being very casual, but this is far from reality. Well-designed tie-dye tank tops made with quality fabrics are easy to wear with skirts and dress pants for the office or a night out.

If you are still not convinced that tie-dye tank tops are appropriate for different occasions, take a look at all of the styles and designs that have been made using tie-dye. Advance Apparels carries a wide variety of styles for tie-dye tank tops that you can explore. Maybe this will be enough to change the way you look at tie-dye.