Thursday, December 1

The Major Reasons Why Women Should Visit Self-Defence Classes

Women being victimized by rape and violence in modern society every other day is common news for us, and you can find such news in news media and social media every hour. When we are talking about self-defense, we rarely perceive that women cannot independently defend and protect themselves. What will happen if you have none around and you are driving back home yourself and had to stop to get the vehicle’s tank filled? What would happen if you are coming out of a shop with hands full of groceries and in the meantime, someone approaches you? What if a salesman at your doorstep tries to give you a pitch when your husband is not at home? If you attend the self-defense classes, you would be able to tackle all these situations all by yourself. 

It does not mean that women are not strong enough because you women can do anything linemen, and they have proved their presence in aviation, defense, transportation industry, leading corporate and educational sector. But, learn the self-defense techniques can make them stronger, and they can easily fight against the evil eyes to protect themselves.

Here are the reasons why women should visit self-defense classes. 

1. To protect themselves and their families – Self-defence helps the women to protect themselves as well as their family. This is considered to be the main reason why women should learn self-defense. The reason why women should opt for self-defense classes is not always aspiring to be a fighter. The most appropriate way to opt for is to go for martial arts which can help the women immensely. Another notable and added benefit of the self-defense classes is to disarm an opponent who has a weapon to attack. 

2. To boost confidence – Self-defence classes also boosts confidence amongst the attendees. This also improves their self-esteem and self-worth. The great thing about self-defense is that it does not discriminate against people based on sex, physical ability, age, or social stigma. Self-defense calls greatness out of every woman who attends these classes and empowering them to be more than what they could even think of doing in their lives. 

3. Develops self-discipline – There are several women with knowledge of self-defense who have learned to be calm, know how to control their breathing, and respond instead of reacting to adverse situations. Their demeanor also changes due to the training they receive from self-defense classes. It gives women the overall flexibility, strength, dexterity, & also cognitive awareness as an athlete.

The self-defence classes teach them to be better students by listening, observing, and learning about art. Emotionally, this teaches them to trust a process that has no definite end. In a microwave society where we want results now, self-defense teaches the students to be patient, diligent, and even take failures as signs of growth instead of abject defeat in their lives. Enduring hardship and training towards a goal give them an inspired purpose, not just in the dojo but also in their daily walk. Learning the art of self-defense pushes many women to grow vigorously out of stagnancy & also has given them a tool that has no monetary value.

Ladies, you can see that self-defense isn’t just something men do. Rather, it is a training which every woman should have in their toolbox and not just for defending themselves, but to instill confidence, and to apply daily discipline to their lives.