Wednesday, March 22

The Best Time To Visit Whitsundays

Ever wondered why Whitsundays has become one of the most popular places to visit?

Well, it happens to be one of the few beautiful places on earth, and there’s never a time you visit Whitsunday that you don’t find it beautiful. The Whitsunday island is always peaceful and serene and you can visit there any time you want to relax. However, there are times of the year that can be considered as being the best time to visit Whitsunday even though most people don’t believe it.

Whitsunday Is a place where you can go on a tour or go on an adventure. They’ve got lovely places like Airlie beach and it will be so sad to travel during the rainy season because you might not be able to enjoy your vacation.

Located in the hearts of North Queensland Paradise on the east coast of Australia, the beautiful island is a place where visitors can enjoy hiking, sailing, scuba diving, or swimming but only during the perfect time of the year.

When is the right time to visit Whitsunday? You are not the only one asking these questions, Australia’s finest vacation destination is visited by many because of its lovely sites like Bora Bora and everyone wants to know the best time to plan their next vacation.

This article is going to help you discover the best time to visit Whitsunday;

Visit during Summertime:

If you ask people who have visited Whitsunday before, they will tell you summertime is perfect in Whitsunday and that is between December to February. During these months Whitsunday will experience hot weather.

During summer, Whitsunday experiences temperatures that get up to 39°, while they still maintain warm water. In Queensland, they consider summertime to be a wet period because they often experience showers of rain frequently. When the rain comes, it cools the island a bit so the heat doesn’t overtake its visitors. However, with the many waters of Whitsunday, heat should never be a problem and the water is sweeter when the weather is hot. So you can say, summertime is one of the best times to visit Whitsunday.

During spring – September to November:

Ever traveled during spring? The time where you get to enjoy calm waters, full moon, and beautiful sky. For Whitsunday, springtime can be said to be one of the best times to visit the island and enjoy its beautiful island. It is at this time that you can enjoy sailing because asides from the water being calm, you get to experience calm wind which makes it more enjoyable. From September, Whitsunday island experiences light wind, sunny weather, low humidity, and good condition of the island. At this time you can sail with confidence and without fear, especially in November when the spring period is gradually fading away. There is also no much crowd so you can enjoy your visit without too much distraction. November is the time when you get to have an exciting fun time; enjoy the warm days of Whitsunday, lukewarm and clear water, and balmy evenings. A lot of outdoor activities happen in Whitsunday from snorkeling to sailing, hiking, swimming, etc., missing it will not be exciting so the springtime or towards the end of the spring.

November to April:

Among the many exciting things to see in Whitsunday is its jellyfish. It is always fun watching the jellyfish in the ocean and that is why Whitsunday has its jellyfish season. It is from November to April that the ocean is suspected to have jellyfish in it. Within these months, the weather seems to be warm and even the waters are also warm and that is why jellyfishes like to grow in it. If you love to swim, then you need to look out for jellyfishes this period because they could sting you and their tentacles are painful. The locals in Whitsunday are aware of this so they ensure you are given a stinger suit before diving into the ocean so your skin can be protected.

The jellyfish is also fun to watch when they are swimming in and out of the ocean and with the warm weather and water, you can have all the fun that you desire to have in Whitsunday.

During winter:

During the winter, you get to experience more convenient weather in Whitsunday. The weather is always very friendly and you would agree that it is absolutely one of the best times to visit Whitsundays. Most people only go on vacations during the summertime, but if you have the opportunity to go on vacations during winter, then it is the perfect time to visit Whitsunday. During winter, there will be no rain and even though you experience sun during the day, the evening and night will be chilly and crispy. Although, at this time, the water will be very cold and you might not enjoy swimming in it. However, there are other fun things to do like watching the humpback whales that migrate to Whitsunday from Antarctica.

The Whitsunday island is a place to be. With its amazing oceans and beautiful places to visit, one cannot help but ensure it is visited at the right time. To some people, there is no right time or the perfect time to visit Whitsunday because every time of the year is perfect. But if you don’t like the heat and summer, then the winter period is eager to receive you. Also, the jellyfish period is great although, sometimes the cyclone comes and gets people scared and worried.

In time past, when cyclones happened lives were lost, but things have changed and the cyclone no longer affects people because the people know when the cyclone is coming. At the time, tourists are asked to leave the water and even the island. The good thing is it doesn’t take up to one day so you can still enjoy your stay on Whitsunday island. Choose any month stated above that is convenient for you to go enjoy your vacation on the amazing island of Whitsunday!