Saturday, March 25

The Best Time To Visit Uluru

If you have heard of Uluru, then you must be eager to visit one of the best attraction sites in Australia.

Found in the hearts of Australia and known as the red center, it is a natural landmark that is well recognized worldwide. Do you need a lovely place to go on vacation? Then Uluru is the best place to have fun.

However, when is the best time to visit Uluru? This question is fondly asked because no one wants their vacation to go sour. Uluru is an important place to visit because it is known to be a historical site and the indigenous people of Uluru believe the town is spiritual and hence, they treasure the spiritual significance that it holds.

It has become one of the most visited places and even tourists now troop in and out of the town especially since it became a UNESCO heritage site. With all the beautiful things you’ve heard about the amazing rock, then it is certain that you have plans of hopping on the next available flight during your next vacation.

However, before you book your plane ticket, why not go through our guide to be sure the time you are traveling is the best time to visit Uluru?

Let’s start with May to September:

If you want to visit Uluru, then May to September might just be your perfect time. Knowing how hot Uluru can be, this period usually has a more bearable temperature so you can consider it as the best period to travel. During these months, the Uluru temperature is always cool both day and night, thereby making it convenient for visitors to have fun. You get to move around the small town and enjoy your vacation to the latter. But, have it in mind that during the nights, the temperature goes beyond freezing, hence, be well prepared.

June to September:

The Month of June is always summer vacation especially for the Americans and the Europeans. Most people prefer to go on vacations during this period just to relax their nerves and breath some fresh air. Uluru is one place to be at this time and it is a good time to be there as well. At this period, flights are always fully booked and even accommodation isn’t left out. So, if you want to travel at this time, ensure to book your flight and accommodation ahead of time so you won’t fall victim to a price increase.

August to September:

The month of August is spring and it happens to be one of the best times to visit Uluru because you will get to enjoy the sight of Uluru wildlife. Uluru is most times considered a desert because it could be really dry sometimes and the wildlife and beautiful flowers become dry and unattractive. But, to get the most out of Uluru, then you should visit between August and September. This month is considered as the park’s peak time where the wildflowers come alive again and blossom, displaying its beautiful colors and the various plant life. This is one part of Uluru that most visitors miss and they never even thought it existed. You have the chance to enjoy the beautiful sight if you travel between the period of August and September.

Between December to February:

Uluru is not one of those places you travel to anytime you feel like. If you go at the te when the temperature is at its peak, you might not enjoy your stay and even if you think you’ve got tough skin, it might still be a struggle for you. Australia’s summertime falls between the periods of December to February and its temperature can only go as low as 30°. At this time the heat becomes incredible and even though the locals can bear the heat, how about you? Can you withstand the heat? If you are not used to such heat It can be uncomfortable. But, if you want to go hiking, this is the best time but you need to ensure you are always with your water pack to keep you hydrated always.

A visit to Uluru doesn’t just happen, it needs to be well planned because of its temperature and weather conditions. Although it is safe to say Uluru is always available for travelers anytime and at every time of the year, it depends on if your body can handle the heat that occurs during Australia’s summertime. Some people choose to ignore the weather and just have fun, but if you love to plan and you want to visit Uluru at the best times, then pick any time of the year that is listed above.

Furthermore, have it in mind that the best times of the day to have fun in Uluru are during sunset and sunrise. It is at this time that Uluru comes alive!