Saturday, March 25

The 10 most fascinating places in the world

  1. Iguazu Falls ( Argentina and Brazil )

In Guaraní Iguazú means “big water”. But these falls are much more: they are huge and out of the ordinary! The tourist boats that cruise the choppy waters look like matches from above. They can be seen in their entirety through a stretch of a magnificent subtropical jungle teeming with wild animals such as jaguars

2. Alhambra of Granada ( Spain )

It is the most enduring symbol of al-Andalus and possibly the world’s finest specimen of Islamic art. Inside is a network of lavishly decorated palaces and gardens, fountains of legend and fantasy. From afar, the towers of its fortress dominate the Granada skyline, with the rugged red walls rising from forests of cypress and elm trees, and the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada as a backdrop. A monument of indisputable beauty that attracts millions of people every year. 

3.Hagia Sophia in Istanbul ( Turkey )

Church, mosque, and museum, Hagia Sophia are a building like no other in the world, defying classification just as it defied the laws of architecture when it was built, almost 1500 years ago, commissioned by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. In 1935 it was deconsecrated and turned into a museum, although visiting it is still a spiritual experience. 

4.Medina of Fez ( Morocco )

The medieval heart of Morocco’s third city is not so much a medina as a tangled maze over a thousand years old. There are 9,400 alleys on which 14,000 buildings stand, inhabiting about 160,000 people. Mosques, madrasas, restored riads, silversmiths, merchants, authentic and fake guides… Impossible to know where we are going, but that’s part of the fun. 

5.The Twelve Apostles ( Australia )

Surprisingly, twelve rocks lost on the Australian coastline appear at this position on the list. But the reason is its location: on the Great Ocean Road, one of the most spectacular roads in the world, which hugs the southwest coast of the state of Vitoria. The Twelve Apostles are about 4 hours from Melbourne and are a must-see on any trip to Australia. 

Santa Cruz Beaches are also worth visiting for those who are lovers of nature, and this place is very best for enjoying.

6.Petra ( Jordan )

The mental image that most have of Petra is that of Indiana Jones riding up to the pink facade of the Treasury and finding the Holy Grail. The reality is different, but we could say that it is as extraordinary as Hollywood fiction. This lost city of the Nabataeans is an invitation to dream along stone paths accompanied by the ghosts of the past, especially if you manage to avoid the crowds.

7.Tikal ( Guatemala )

It is the most important Mayan site in Guatemala and, despite archaeologists claiming it is comparable to Rome in size, population, and political power, less than 10% of its buildings have been excavated. The rest remain under 1000 years of dense jungle. Tikal is 65 km from Flores and is one of the most accessible Mayan sites in Guatemala.

8. British Museum in London ( England )

In 260 years the British Museum has become the largest and most important museum in Europe. Many of the most important treasures of the continent and the rest of the world have ended up being guarded among its sacred walls. Almost as spectacular as the collection is the building itself, a majestic neoclassical temple that hides an unexpected Norman Foster dome over its large central courtyard. 

9. Sagrada Familia de Barcelona ( Spain )

A masterpiece of modernism, it is still under construction almost 100 years after the death of its author, Antonio Gaudí. The imposing scale of this expiatory temple already invites you to spend long periods in the surrounding streets looking up to admire the towers that brush the skies. Its completion date is still a mystery: probably sometime between 2020 and 2040. 

10. Fiordland National Park ( New Zealand )

The icing on the cake of New Zealand’s great national parks is Fiordland, a near-virgin area of ​​Gondwanan, the supercontinent from which New Zealand separated 85 million years ago. It is a landscape of jagged mountains, glacial valleys, shimmering lakes, and beautiful fjords, covered with ancient forests of deep green color among which the song of birds such as kiwi or Takase