Some Reasons Why You Should Have Blank Guns

can blank guns shoot real bullets

Are you a gun enthusiast? Do you want to increase your collection of guns? Then, if you are still not familiar with blank guns, get ready to make your life a whole lot easier.

These guns are ideal for people who have a great interest in guns. Whether you want to get for personal use or just for collection purposes, have a look at blank guns for sale. 

What Are Blank Guns?

Blank Guns are the imitations of real guns. They are the same as the real gun but the only difference is that they do not shoot real bullets. They work and sound exactly like the real gun does.

You can’t recognize by just looking at them that they are not real guns. The blank gun also shoots projectiles but they consist of gunpowder and are not much harmful. When you fire a blank projectile, it expels smoke like a real gun because of gunpowder.

The guns can also recoil but they do not cause any kind of damage because they do not contain real bullets. Thus, we can say that replica blank guns are bullet-less guns.

 Are our Blank Guns Dangerous?

People often ask; is a blank gun a firearm? As we all know that they are bullet-less guns so often people think they are not dangerous. But in reality, it is not true. These guns can also be dangerous to some extent. You have to be careful while using these guns.

Never use these guns in a hazardous way. Proper precautionary measures should be taken while using these guns. Always make sure to keep these guns out of the reach of the children and must be used according to proper guidelines.

Why Would You Want A Blank Gun?

The basic purpose of a gun is to shoot bullets. If a gun does not shoot bullets, what will be the purpose of that gun? As we have mentioned above that a blank gun is a bullet-less gun, then what can be the practical uses of having a blank gun?

In the answer, we can say that a blank gun does not function like a real gun but they look and work like a real gun by shooting blank projectiles. Thus, they can be useful in so many ways:

1. Signaling Devices

Usually, a gunshot is used to indicate the start of any sport or race. For this purpose, a real gun cannot be used. So, the blank gun has been used for this purpose since history.

A flare adapter is also added to the gun so that a person can shoot a flare in the air to signal if they are in a critical situation or lost their way.

2. Gun Handling And Training

The guns are needed for military and police training. As we know that the blank gun looks and feels exactly like the real gun, so they are great to be used during training sessions.

During training, students can make mistakes, and using a blank gun can be less harmful as compared to the real gun. It is best for people or students at the beginner level.

3. Dog Training 

Dogs were being used by police and military personnel for searching purposes for so long. Dogs become confused and panicky with loud bands and voices around. Therefore, during training dogs were trained to remain calm around loud noises like gunshots, etc.

That is why a blank gun is used to train the dogs as they are much similar to the real ones. This way, dogs will get used to the presence and noise of the gun.

4. Movies, Videos, TV, and Theatre

The blank gun is also known as prop guns used in movies and TV industries. The gun is an essential part of the action and suspense movies. Using a real gun for movies is ridiculous as it is not safe and can cause serious injuries.

Thus, a blank gun is perfect for this scenario. You have seen hundreds of movies with prop guns. They will give the most realistic look without causing any harm. You can also find replica guns of the famous stars from the movies.

5. Collectors

Some so many people love to collect guns just for their collection. The original guns are also expensive for this purpose. On the other hand, some areas have restrictions on gun-owning and they do not allow people to keep a gun.

In this situation, a blank gun is a lifesaver as you can get a replica blank gun of the gun of your choice. These guns can generally be purchased at a cheaper price than a real gun which is appealing to collectors who in many cases may not even shoot them.

6. Celebration

Many people celebrate holidays and events by shooting guns into the air. This has caused many injuries and even many people die by the falling bullets. This was usually practiced in Turkey.

Consequently, after these incidents, the blank gun manufacturers and industries bloom in Turkey. Renowned brands such as EKOL, Rteat, and Zoraki are some of the famous Turkish companies.

Ending Notes:

So, now you know why one must have blank guns as they are useful in so many ways like self-protection, training, or just for recreational activities. Also, you can take advantage of each type having different characteristics.

Usually, real guns are a bit too expensive so buying a blank gun from penknives is also beneficial. Look for blank guns for under 100 to get the blank guns for cheap prices and enjoy your shooting experience.