Smart working is a way of working that has spread on a large scale in recent years, thanks to the digitization and development of tools and technologies to support remote collaboration. One of the most complex challenges today is the request for a sort of the change in habits, which is fundamental for maintaining high levels of concentration and increasing performance.

In today’s article, we will offer you some useful tips to feel connected with the company and with the workgroup at home, as in the office.

How to increase performance even in smart working

If it is true that smart working has transformed the approach to daily commitments, influencing the work-life balance, it should be emphasized that having a device and connecting remotely is not always enough to obtain all the benefits from this way of working.

At stake is a change in daily habits which, when it occurs effectively, becomes a determining factor in finding the right motivation and completing activities.

Agile work, among other things, allows you to collaborate remotely, establish new balances and transfer business dynamics to a more hybrid and flexible context.

The HR department has a crucial role in promoting this organizational method, which in some ways is still innovative. In addition to communicating and enhancing the benefits for mood, such as the reduction of stress levels, the time required to reach the workplace, the possibility of dedicating more quality time to the family and one’s passions, it is necessary to guide collaborators responsible and effective use of tools and methods.

HR department support for engagement

Especially in the early stages of the introduction of smart working, involvement at all levels is crucial to direct the strategy towards the achievement of long-term objectives. Engagement is a crucial element for the satisfaction of collaborators who cannot risk being compromised by the difficulty of concentrating and adapting to a new situation.

Among the supports that may come from the HR department, we find the best practices to help employees manage time efficiently, here are some of them below.

  1. Define the spaces used for work activities

The first tip is the first step to obtain concrete benefits from the smart working mode. Choosing the ideal workspaces and respecting the boundaries positively affects concentration because it reduces the risk of incurring disturbing elements, such as too bright lights, noises coming from outside or reflections from other screens.

  1. Prepare for the working day

To start the day in the best way, even at home, it is advisable not to change daily habits too much. Waking up early, having a rich and nutritious breakfast, wearing comfortable but appropriate clothes are fundamental activities, to start with the right mentality. In this way, it will be easier to adapt to the workstation remotely, being ready at any time to receive a call, attend an alignment meeting or a video conference with a customer.

  1. Activate silent mode on your personal mobile phone

At home, as in the office, the mobile phone is an element of strong distraction, so it is good to be conscientious and keep it as far away from the sight as possible. It could be a way to improve concentration and motivation even more while waiting to take a break later.

  1. Plan more breaks

The moments of relaxation, away from computers and deadlines, are necessary to recharge your energies and complete the day’s commitments. Preparing a healthy and balanced meal, devoting yourself to reading a good book, participating in an online course for your hobbies or helping your children with homework are opportunities to indulge in the attention that is sometimes given up due to lack of time.

Even in smart mode, the intake of essential nutrients is essential to have the right energy available throughout the day and meal vouchers also support food needs at home.

On March 25, 2020, ANSEB, the national association issuing meal tickets companies, published on its website an in-depth circular on the recognition of meal tickets for employees in agile mode, downloadable at this link. As underlined in the document: “Where there are no supplementary company agreements that explicitly exclude agile workers from the enjoyment of the meal voucher, this cannot fail to be recognized to those who are carrying out their work, even if at a distance.”

In today’s article, we explored the benefits of smart working for the company and collaborators, such as improving satisfaction, increasing performance and improving collaboration, all essential elements for achieving goals, both at home and in the office.

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