Wednesday, February 1

Shisha Lounge Tips For Your First Visit

Each year, the Shisha industry introduces new developments and reinforces long-held truths. Therefore, we would like to present a brief list of suggestions to boost your customers’ Shisha lounge Dubai experience. 

Some recommendations involve new equipment, while others are techniques that would save your personnel time and trouble, and some are new goods that could help you enjoy your customer experience within an affordable budget! 

The right Shisha ambiance, equipment, accessories, and efforts can provide your customer with a memorable experience; here’s a glance:

Silicone Hoses

Do you want your customer to experience the Shisha’s effects for a more extended period? There is no need to look any farther than the hose, as that is the only component of the Shisha that affects how you get to touch and hold your device. 

If you want the direct sensation of a high-quality Shisha experience, using a high-quality, heavy-duty hose is the best way to get it. No experience can compare to spending $20 for a Shisha and being given a filthy, flimsy hose. 

When your customers visit your Shisha lounge, you put a lot of importance on the overall Shisha experience that you have there. The standard of the hoses available at different clubs was the aspect of the Shisha experience that enthusiasts most scrutinized. 

Several Shisha outsourcing lounges provide Aluminum D-Hose, but nowadays, you can choose from a wide variety of high-quality silicone hoses, such as the Mya Frosted Silicone Hose, Driod Silicone Hose, D-Hose 2.0, and many others. 

You should update them to ensure that the lounge offers the most excellent and comfortable hoses for a smooth Shisha experience.

Wind Covers

Wind covers are a critical necessity since not only will they significantly cut expenditures associated with additional assistance from sommeliers and coal, but they will also provide you with superior smoke and denser clouds.

To begin, the wind cover functions as a heat barrier, which helps to keep the air surrounding your Shisha bowl at a consistent temperature. If you do this, your bowls will remain at the ideal temperature for producing thick clouds with a reduced amount of coal. 

You will require fewer coal refills, and the sommeliers will spend less time tinkering with the Shisha to keep it going so you can enjoy smoking. Once you have found the best setup depending on the coals you choose, you may need to change the arrangement of your coals initially; however, from that point onward, you will spend less money on every bowl. 

Second, the wind cover will cause a significant amount of dust and ash to be collected in the ashtray, resulting in your lounge being cleaner. This implies that you will spend less time cleaning up at the end of the day, resulting in a cleaner workplace.

We strongly advise you to transform into a lounge that provides high-quality tobacco, devices, and other amenities if you want to offer an unforgettable lounge experience that propels customers to the next level. Shisha outsourcing Dubai provides the best devices, tobaccos, flavors, wind protection, and overall atmospheres for smoking.

They come with attachments that trap a more significant amount of heat than a wind cover, allowing your coals to remain hotter for an extended period. In addition, because your sommeliers will disperse the heat evenly as air goes through and cooks the Shisha, your customers will never need to rotate the coals. 

This is because the Shisha will cook itself. It takes approximately four to five minutes to heat up, so you should know what to expect. However, the smoke produced is so dense, and the flavors are so pure that the wait is very well worth it! 

To offer the best Shisha experience to your customers, it is essential to use tobacco, coal, and high-quality flavors in conjunction with an appropriate apparatus.

Natural Coals

Serving Shishas over natural coals is the most accurate method. People who enjoy smoking Shishas are more knowledgeable than ever before. They have probably already heard the criticism from the Shisha review, which scoffs at the suggestion of rapid lighting.

Natural coals have a longer lifespan and, in general, provide cleaner and odorless heat, which in turn provides your consumers with a more vibrant flavor. 

Every lounge ought to have a couple of electric coal heaters in a well-ventilated location so that there are always enough coals on the fire to keep the lounge lively and full of people smoking Shisha. Coconut charcoal that is entirely natural and can be found anywhere, especially in popular lounges.

There are different types of charcoal varieties available in the market. You can switch to better options and experiment with other charcoals. Of course, you can always reach out to a sommelier to choose the right charcoal type per your taste. You can gradually pick one that suits your taste. 

Customized Flavors

When it comes to this, uniqueness is the name of the game! To construct a tasty custom mix, look for a fantastic flavor with a less public profile. First, examine the ridiculous name, then give the item featured in the high ratings on the menu some attention. 

Several lounges provide unusual flavor combinations that might make your Shisha session more enjoyable among customers. You may, for instance, give a quick enough strawberry jam as an alternative to traditional strawberry preserves. 

This jam combines peach preserves, strawberry mousse, and a sugar coating. We have it on good authority that lounges have their exclusive recipes for cocktails, which their most devoted clients absolutely like but are unavailable elsewhere.

Take Away

People can smoke Shisha in virtually any setting they find themselves in. You have the option of either relaxing at one of the several lounges located all around the world or doing so in the privacy of your own home.

When it comes to Shisha outsourcing, there is a better time to save on quality because you have already invested your money, time, and effort in opening your lounge.