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Reasons Why You Should Become CISSP Certified

With the increasing data breaches and cyberattacks, organizations need cybersecurity professionals to protect their systems or network from malicious attacks. Several cybersecurity certifications are available that can help individuals build their careers in Information Security. The CISSP certification is a gold standard and advanced level of course worldwide in the information security domain. It stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. 

The world’s leading organization in providing certifications and training for cybersecurity courses, the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)², regulates and recognizes CISSP. The CISSP – cybersecurity course is ideal for IT professionals wishing to showcase their knowledge and expertise across several security principles and standards. This course was designed to help organizations avoid cybersecurity threats and protect their environment using worldwide security standards. 

CISSP – Cybersecurity Course Eligibility Criteria

Earning the CISSP Certificate is not straightforward. Below are some prerequisites that individuals should meet before appearing for the CISSP exam:

● An applicant must hold a minimum of five years of experience in two or more out of the eight domains of CISSP. 

● If an individual possesses a four-year degree recognized by (ISC)² then work experience of four years is sufficient. 

● It is recommended that IT professionals appearing for the CISSP exam should possess entry-level cybersecurity certifications, like CCNA, CISA, CEH offered by EC-Council, CompTIA Security+, etc. 

● Working professionals, like Network and Security Architects, Chief Information Security Officers, Security Directors, Security Consultants and Managers, and IT Directors, can appear for the CISSP exam. 

There are eight domains of CISSP, as follows:

● Communication and Network Security

● Security and Risk Management

● Asset Security

● Software Development Security

● Security Engineering

● Security Assessment and Testing

● Security Operations

● Identity and Access Management

The CISSP examination consists of 250 questions that cover all the above eight domains. The time duration is six hours. However, applicants need to score 700 or more out of 1000 to qualify for the exam. 

6 Reasons To Become CISSP Certified 

  • Maximize Earning Potential

With the CISSP certificate, one can maximize the earning potential to a greater extent. Possessing this certification demonstrates one’s commitment and respect towards the work. CISSP certified professionals get a handsome salary. Becoming a CISSP certified professional requires in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity, four years of working experience, and, more importantly, intense dedication and commitment. 

  • Boost Career Potential

CISSP is the highest and advanced level of cybersecurity certification. CISSP certified professionals are highly sought-after than professionals possessing other cybersecurity certifications. Therefore, this certification undoubtedly helps professionals to advance and boost their careers. Moreover, individuals pursuing the CISSP course can become members of the (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study consisting of more than 2.9 million members. 

  • Stand Out From The Crowd

As mentioned above, earning the CISSP Certificate is very challenging and arduous. If you possess this certification, you can stand out from the crowd. This certification demonstrates that you have in-depth knowledge and experience in providing effective cybersecurity solutions to an organization. CISSP is considered one of the Most Valued Credentials among all cybersecurity certifications. 

  • Hands-On Experience In Cybersecurity 

CISSP certified professionals possess hands-on experience in the cybersecurity domain, as holding four or five years of cybersecurity experience is a prerequisite to earning the CISSP certificate. Moreover, professionals are required to maintain the certification by completing the professional education program over three years which counts 120 credits. 

  • Become A Member Of World’s Largest Cybersecurity Association

CISSP certified professionals get a membership of the world’s most prominent cybersecurity associate, International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)². It is a nonprofit association consisting of cybersecurity professionals. Therefore, you get an excellent opportunity to increase your network through this globally recognized certification. 

  • Exhausting Skills

Professionals with CISSP possess broad skills, as follows:

● Penetration testing

● Advanced persistent threat management

● Ethical hacking

● Firewall safety and management

● Programming languages

● Operation systems

● Encryption techniques

● Compliance assessments

● Frameworks information


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