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Reasons to stop using firecrackers

Firecrackers are now so popular that special occasions wouldn’t be complete without someone setting them off. Everyone adores the breathtaking celestial displays and hues. Additionally, individuals enjoy the bangs and fizzes it produces. All of this presentation, though, is only beautiful to look at. Its effects on the environment and people’s health are concerning. To protect the natural system and the lives of living things, we must regulate the usage of firecrackers. Additionally, online gift delivery in Bangalore is now possible through various online gift portals.

Throughout the world, people light off firecrackers numerous times, including Guy Fawkes Night in the UK, Independence Day in the US, Lantern Festival in China and Taiwan, and Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in other nations. As part of our heritage, we light firecrackers to express our happiness on special occasions like weddings, birthday celebrations, and sporting events. However, burning firecrackers has a high cost for us because it causes environmental harm and health risks for both people and animals due to pollution. You can opt for Diwali gift delivery this festive season, and will save lots of time and money.

It’s time to spread compassion for the environment and our health in addition to lighting up our homes and illuminating our brains with the actual meaning of Diwali. Stopping firecracker explosions and Delhi’s already excessive pollution is the first step in this direction. Here are reasons you should not let off fireworks this Diwali, in case you still don’t think they’re essential.

Effects of Fireworks on the Environment

Air Pollution

By bursting fireworks on this auspicious occasion, dangerous gases and toxic compounds like barium, cadmium, sodium, mercury, nitrate, and nitrite were unintentionally released into the environment. Air contaminants are what these are known. Additionally, the RSPM level increases due to the tiny particles released by fireworks. Respirable Suspended Particulate Material is referred to as RSPM. Additionally, during this time, electricity demand increases. Most electricity is produced using coal, diesel, and other air-polluting fuels to address the electricity crisis.

Dry Junk

Additionally, it provides dry garbage like papers, plastic, and firework covers along with the joy. Many dry, non-biodegradable garbage is produced during the Diwali festival. There is little room for dumping grounds in big cities, so it creates soil pollution. Furthermore, online gift delivery in Bangalore from different cities in India can be a convenient option this festive season.

Noisy Environment

Fireworks explosions provide noise pollution in addition to air pollution. Additionally, many people utilize loudspeakers, loud musical instruments, and advertisements during the Happiest Festival, which contributes to noise pollution. In contrast to government standards of 55 dB during the day and 45 dB at night for residential areas, the noise level can exceed 125 dB, which is as loud as a military jet taking off. These noises are incredibly damaging to newborn infants.

Effects of fireworks on health

Children handle fireworks during these five days, and many get sick from their hazardous nature. The effects of fireworks on the lungs, fever, skin irritation, vomiting, heartburn, asthma, and bronchitis are just a few of the symptoms of poisonous gases. As a result of improper handling of fireworks, many youngsters suffer injuries like burning and cutting. Additionally, it has been noted that the increase in mortality and morbidity rates during Diwali was caused by the environment’s exposure to SPM, RSPM, and other dangerous chemicals.

Other harmful effects of fireworks

Additionally, these homemade pyrotechnics manufactured by adults and kids include hazardous elements, including lead, mercury, nitrate, and nitrite. They experience health problems and pass away early in their lives. Additionally, before Diwali, young children work for fireworks companies for 12 hours a day due to the massive demand for fireworks. This festive season opts for Diwali gift delivery and celebrates this festivity with your loved ones by bringing smiles to their faces.

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Alternative methods of celebrating Diwali

Before purchasing fireworks for Diwali, we should give it some thought. Does this represent the only way to observe Diwali? Instead of overspending on pyrotechnics and considering the impacts of fireworks on health and the environment, we can purchase gifts, books, gadgets, or clothing that are less damaging to the environment than firecrackers. We can provide clothing or books to underprivileged students. 

Additionally, you can hold several environmental awareness competitions. There are pollution-free firecrackers, but they are exceedingly expensive and unable to meet demand. After researching its implications on human health, the United States switched from employing traditional firecrackers to laser shows.

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