Thursday, December 1

Quick Tips To Improve Your Reddit Karma

When your post is upvoted by other Reddit Karma users, you get karma. Small amounts of karma may be necessary in order to reach other subreddits, but otherwise it simply serves as a point of pride.

Know what you know about karma. Karma refers to points earned on Facebook from upvotes which are the Reddit equivalents to “likes.” For each upvote you gain about one karma point, and for each downvote you lose about one karma point.

Understand the various kinds of Karma. From the following types of posts you will receive different types of karma:

Post Karma: Posting an external connection or making a text-only post and then receiving upvotes will give you karma “post”.

Content Karma: Posting a comment on an existing post or link and receiving upvotes can result in karma “commentating.”

Visit wide subreddits with over a million r / AskReddit, r / pics or r / funny subscribers. Filter by either rising, or fresh, top of the hour and leave a comment on those threads. This means your point isn’t going to be buried under those who got there before you.

Comment regarding new posts. One of the best ways to give attention to your comments when you start out is to leave a thought-provoking comment or image on existing posts from other users.

Witticisms are what gives you the most luck, but trivia or stories work as well. This approach is less likely to earn you large amounts of karma at once, but it will help build up your karma score over time while establishing you as a loyal user at the same time.

Avoid making posts that are negative or of poor quality. Your links and comments will add some value to the overall content base at Reddit. Posts falling outside the commonly accepted posting rules of Reddit (also called “reddiquette”) tend to earn downvotes.

You will also want to refrain from breaching Reddit’s terms of use, as doing so will lead to downvotes at the very least. Criticism is good, as long as the criticism is delivered in a civil way. The exception to this rule is satirical blogging, though on the side of civility even these posts will fail.

Post important and contenu worthy of discussion. Reddit is a community built on idealistic debate and expansion of any particular topic. Posting well-researched, well-thought-out content may not rake in upvotes, but it will serve to show other users you deserve to listen.

The more people who see you as a valuable resource, the greater will be the audience of your future posts and thus the potential for upvotes.

Engage with the people who will comment on your posts. If you initiate a discussion, both contributing to the conversation and upvoting network based on your responses will continue. While doing so it is important to be respectful of the views of others.

It’s okay (and encouraged) to disagree with others, as long as you respectfully make an intelligent counter-argument. Ignoring negative or insulting remarks when reacting to them even if you’re in the right will probably lead to downvotes.

Use the karma bombs to have an advantage. When you respond to a prospective top comment soon after it’s posted a “karma bomb” is produced. If the comment does indeed receive a large number of upvotes, because of its proximity, the answer would likely receive upvotes.

You’ll need to gage the probability of a comment gaining mass positive reception for this strategy to work, which will take time and practice. This is a high-risk, high-reward tactic: if the comment gets negative attention and the subsequent downvotes, you are likely to receive downvotes as well.

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