Practical advice on how to improve smart working

The Coronavirus emergency has accelerated the introduction of smart working, forcing most companies to take action and enter the world of work remotely. The smart working, as early may cause difficulties, not being accustomed to, it appears to increase the performance of workers.

We at Brand039 also decided to stay home from Monday 9 March. In this way we preserve as much as possible the health of our employees, we contribute not to spread the virus, we allow those parents to manage their children and respect, more importantly, the extraordinary standards underway in Italy.

Who are smart workers?

Not all companies can afford to work remotely. Many, however, in this exceptional situation that sees us all involved, have been able to adopt smart working.

Especially in this period, smart working is an opportunity and an advantage for companies working in the digital world.

The members of our web agency have the opportunity to work remotely exactly as if we were in the office. Are you already imagining people in pyjamas in front of the computer? Working from home requires more self-discipline than working in the office.

If you too find yourself lost, write to your colleague every two seconds looking for the contact that is not there and for confirmation, you cannot find your spaces, continue reading the article in which we illustrate some useful tips that can make it more effective your work remotely.

What are the advantages of smart working?

We decided to tell you about the main advantages of working from home, aware that with your help we could get together to write a book or probably an e-book during this period.

  • More concentration.
  • In the era of open spaces, sometimes finding concentration is complex. If you are a person who is disturbed by colleagues’ calls or you are interrupted every five minutes to request an opinion, be sure that from home (especially if you are alone) you will find a lot of peace and concentration.
  • More hours for you and work.
  • By working remotely we can save many hours that we used to travel by car, public transport or other. Travelling, especially for us who live near Milan, is expensive. With smart working, we save time and pollute less.
  • More hours to sleep.
  • Working from home, for those who commute and have an hour on the move from home to work every day, you save time which can be converted into many activities. For sleeping lovers, you can, for example, wake up later and enjoy a good read in the evening.

Are there any drawbacks to doing smart working?

  • Distractions are everywhere, but only at the beginning.
  • Working from home can be a bit complex at the beginning because there are our affections, our habits, our passions, the projects in the drawer at home. Experts suggest defining a workspace and considering it as such so that our concentration is total. Distractions will remain, but over time everything will improve.
  • Disorganization and the tools of work, but after a week the road is found.
  • Working from home is not easy because we lack some useful tools for working. The printer, the landline phone, the meeting room or simply our desk (for those who have one). You can equip yourself and with a little creativity make an ironing board become a splendid console, or a chest of drawers never used, the place of our projects. Organization and creativity can be the two ingredients to overcome disorganization.

4 practical tips on how to optimize remote work

Companies are not always prepared but in this article, we will show you everything you need to increase productivity.



Choose a room to work in that allows you to concentrate, positioned in front of a neutral wall and in this way you will avoid looking out the window. If you continue to distract yourself, apply the 25-minute concentration technique without distraction, 5 minutes of break and after 4 successive work sessions take a longer break of 15-30 minutes.



To ensure that smart working does not go from being an interesting experience to a monotonous one, the advice is to avoid comfortable clothing, and clothes as if you were at the office desk.


Contact with the team 

During the coffee breaks in the office, you will have happened to share a project and have the opportunity to develop an idea from that chat. One of the negative aspects of working from home is the lack of confrontation with the rest of the team. To remedy this problem, try to agree with your colleagues on daily telephone appointments to take stock of the situation, define the To-Do List of the day and share the results achieved.


Remote meeting management 

Working remotely does not mean having to give up meetings with colleagues or meetings with customers.

Here are some interesting ideas to put into practice:

  • For the video conference to take place in the best possible way, choose a well-lit location to allow the other party on the other side of the webcam to focus on your face.
  • Choose a location as silent as possible in which to make a video conference. Avoid the background noise that could cover your voice and that of other participants.
  • Even if it is difficult to speak to a camera, do not look at the monitor with your image, look at the webcam lens in such a way as to give the impression that you are looking your interlocutor in the eye.
  • As much as we can have a stable and fast connection, during the videoconference there will certainly be some delay in the audio and video. To avoid overlapping our speech with that of our interlocutor, it is advisable to wait a few moments before starting to speak.

The Brand039 team put these guidelines into practice during various customer meetings.

Indispensable tools for working in smart working

The factors that affect the optimization of smart working can be manifold, including the correct choice of tools to be used in such a way that work from home is the most successful.

The whole Brand039 team uses and recommends 4 tools that are indispensable for us in the office and especially for working remotely: