When we talk about the valentine’s day we just remember the flowers first as they are just known to put a smile on the faces of the people and they will surely make your beloved smile as well. All you have to do is just send flowers to Kolkata.

Looking for flowers on these valentines might be a little hard for you as the roses are already in the process of being sold out and if they are left then there are really less roses to work with so what you can do is that you can always opt for the mixed bouquets. Rose is not the only flower symbolising love, there are many flowers which do that for you and you will be able to find them easily on the valentines day.

Not denying, rose has always been the symbol of bold and dramatic love but when you talk about the valentines there might be instances when your lover or beloved might not like them, that’s where the other flowers come in showing the beauty and the love that a rose has but in different forms and shoes. You can always convey the message of love through that. These are the few bouquets that you can opt for:


Ask your florist to make a bouquet from the altromeris, roses and carnation with the foliage that he has with him, these flowers are known to depict love in its eternal form and if that’s what you want to convey to your significant other then this flower is just perfect for you and something that you can always opt for. These flowers do not require much roses either so you are bound to find all the necessary things under one roof all you have to do is just ask.


You can always combine lilies and the roses to make this one, you can also go for the white roses which shows the innocence and the pure love that is there with the person. In this way you will be able to express what you feel for them. The love that you have for them is just perfect and this pure love bouquet will be the perfect way to show that to them. All you have to do is just approach the best Flower Delivery in Patna and get the bouquet.


You just won’t be able to say no to this bouquet as the bouquet is made out of the tulips that are there, the tulips are just widely popular and are the flowers which are known to make a person smile. You can always go for the flower and just remind them how perfect everything is. Afterall the tulips are known for the passion of the lover burning deep within the petals. You will surely be able to deliver the beautiful message of love through the red tulips,


This can be expressed through the orchids that are there. The orchids hold the same level of love and importance in the history of flowers as the others and you can always go for these flowers as you please because these flowers are also long lasting after being cut and have the ability to just make a person stop and make them admire them. They are available in a variety of colours and you can always go for a mixed bouquet when it comes to them or maybe experiment with the flowers with the roses or the lilies that are around. This is another way of expressing.


You can always remind them that they are your sunshine with the combination of yellow roses, orchids, carnations and put some tu;lips in if you can. You can always express this with love and how they are your sunshine with htses flowers. The colour yellow is all about positivity, warmth , happiness and this is another perfect way of saying how beautiful they are with the flowers that you are choosing for them. Remember to now express anything unwanted with the flowers. The message of yellow will reach them.


You can always express your love for them with the chocolate bouquet, get them a massive bouquet made out of ferrero rochers or get them a bouquet of chocolates and all. This will just be another way of expressing this to them.

You can always express your love in many ways and just don’t let the flowers alone. You can always write them a handwritten letter or a note expressing how much you love them and admire them, this effort of yours will always be appreciated after all the handmade things are just invaluable beyond anything. Make sure the valentines day remains memorable for them.