Friday, December 9

Need a Mechanic? Here are 6 Ways to Pick One You Can Trust

Auto repair and how to find the auto mechanic trustworthy is not easy for many people. Since I had read many reviews on this topic, I decided to answer you through this blog. You need to pick up the best mechanic for your car. If you want to pick an expert mechanic Los Angeles, read below.

Go with Your Gut:

Is there something about the store or the mechanics that makes you uncomfortable? Don’t park your car there, and then blame yourself if something goes wrong later. Use your instincts; they might save you a lot of heartaches.

Although most mechanics are excellent guys, everyone has heard a horror story or two about leaving your car with one. Before you drive your automobile in for work, do your homework, and if all else fails, use a tape recorder!

Ask for the Mechanic’s Qualifications:

The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE, is a generally credible accreditation. Mechanics must pass knowledge and skills tests and have at least two years of related experience to become ASE certified.

The ASE accreditation isn’t the only one that matters. Manufacturers certify some mechanics to work on specific types of vehicles. In case the mechanic has a manufacturer certification, it signifies they’ve passed examinations and are knowledgeable about the mechanic Los Angeles.

Keep in mind that individual mechanics, not auto shops, are qualified by ASE and OEMs. You should learn who will be working on your vehicle and, if feasible, meet the mechanic.

Look for a Mechanic who Can Solve Your Issue:

This is the story of my horrible auto repair experience. Last year, I drove my car to a national chain mechanic to get all four tires replaced, but I was advised immediately after dropping it off that it would require numerous extra repairs. 

Before allowing someone to work on your car, you should always demand proof. Car repairs are costly, so even if you don’t know much about cars, ask them to show you what’s wrong. It has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars.

A trustworthy mechanic will always take the time to explain the problem and show you the evidence. You can trust the mechanic if he is comfortable working while you are around. If the mechanic is hesitant to let you inspect the vehicle, you’ll never know if he’s truthful.

Check the Company’s Reputation.

The Internet makes it pretty hard for unscrupulous enterprises to get away with it for long. One credible review website you might consider is Angie’s List, a members-only website that offers reviews on home maintenance-type services. It also provides reviews on every auto service, from body repair to car washes to engine repair. Since firms can’t pay to be on Angie’s list, and the site monitors for fake reviews, you can receive an honest judgment of the featured services on that website. You can also check out Yelp, my preferred go-to site for reviews on just about anything.

Choose From the AAA-approved Network of auto Repair Shops:

Even if you don’t have AAA, using their Approved Auto Repair Network to find a mechanic can be an excellent method to vet one. All participating shops are required to provide 12-month/12,000-mile guarantees on all repairs, employ ASE or manufacturer-certified technicians, and pass an annual AAA inspection.

Interviewing a Potential Mechanic:

Before taking any step make sure you ask your mechanic all of your questions:

How long have they been in operation? How long have they been in business?

Does a guarantee back up their work? What kind of guarantees do they provide?

Are all of their mechanics certified by the American Society of Automotive Engineers (ASE)? What kind of education and experience do their mechanics have?

What parts do they use: new, used, OEM, and aftermarket?

Are you able to supply your components?


If you want an expert mechanic in Los Angelesthe above tips can help you the best one. You will get everything you wanted from the ideal mechanic. After reading this post, you can now go ahead to pick the right one.