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Natural foods to cure erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction at the biological level is insufficient blood flow towards the pelvic area. The male organ gets an erection when blood inflow in the spongy tissue of the organ is greater than the outflow.

Erectile dysfunction medicines boost blood flow in the male organ to overcome the flaccid state. The quantity of the dose is decided by a medical expert based on the degree of erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil citrate 150mg provides a quick solution that supports the erection for 5 hours. It starts working in 60 minutes. They do not cure the problem but steps aside cause to give a firm erection. Males like natural methods to sustain the erection ability for a longer period of time. They prefer medicine for a quick solution and natural foods for the permanent cure from erectile dysfunction.

Natural foods 

Medical observations have revealed that males who rely on a healthy diet and fruits with flavonoids reported fewer erection issues compared to those who do not. This led medical experts to recommend that food item that boosts circulation cure erectile dysfunction. Here is a list of the best food items taken from nutritionists’ list of a recommendation.


Beets perform the same action in our body that an erection boosting drug performs. It releases nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels to make space for greater and smooth blood flow. Not only beet cures erection issues, but it also lowers the risk of blood pressure. Hypertension is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. Make beets part of a salad with every meal.

Fish for omega -3 fatty acid 

Salmon, trout, herring, halibut, mackerel, etc are the best source of wonderful omega 3 fatty acids. It removes any obstruction to blood flow in vessels. Increase blood flow and lower blood pressure at the same time. Get instant solution and cut future risk.


Sulfur compound allicin in garlic relaxes blood vessels. It cuts the obstruction to blood flow to make the heart increase efficiency. The overall impact is a healthy heart and smooth blood circulation, which is a sound base for a healthy erection.


Spinach tops the list of vegetables recommended for improved erection health. Spinach is rich in nitrate, which gets converted into nitric acid. It leads to dilation in blood vessels, which pushes blood flow towards the organ. Add broccoli with spinach to increase the positive impact.


The magic in this fruit is in nitrates and antioxidants. The combination of dilates blood vessels to push blood flow in the body. The added benefit is a cut in blood pressure risk. Make pomegranate juice part of breakfast. Not only do you get a greater boost to performance throughout the day, but also cut erection risks as the body ages.


The trick in checking the erection issue is keeping arteries healthy, flexible, and clear of any obstruction. Nutritionists suggest that antioxidants in grapes relax blood vessels. The antioxidants curb inflammatory tendencies and molecules to prevent blood from getting sticky. Sticky blood comes in the way of smooth blood circulation. To get the best, prefer grapes as fruit, not as juice.

However, for swallowing Levitra 40 mg, a higher dose, doctors always recommend water. Grape juice interferes with the absorption of the medicine. The interaction produces side effects as well.

Vitamin B1 for Libido Increase

Vitamin B 1 diet prevents a decline in libido. Without a strong libido, it is not possible to get an erection even after using a higher ED dose. Remember, doctors, suggest physical stimulation after Cialis 60 mg to get an erection. A desire for an intimate session makes stimulation easy to get. It creates a good erection. So take care of the basic ingredient in the creation of the erection process. Beans, wholemeal bread, walnuts, milk, egg yolk, buck wheat porridge, etc are some of the food items providing B1.


Several food items can be part of a salad, which can be used on the daily basis. Take fresh fruits as far as possible. Use frozen fruits if fresh fruits are not available. But never depend on packed juices or canned food items to overcome erection issues. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to each cell in the body. Food that increases blood flow makes you healthy, energetic, and cure erection related issues. So, next time you are out for grocery to consider buying the aforementioned items to optimize health.