National Guy’s Valentine’s Day? Why Not?

The date of February 14thhas been synonymous with romance, since the 14th century.  Chocolates, flowers, romantic cards, and romantic gestures suggesting that this National Guy’s Valentine’s Day, more than on any other day, we show our love for one another. 

Throughout time, however, the meaning of the day devoted to showing love for your partner, has become a one-sided event, mostly due to cultural ideologies and geography.  Men have become the forgotten other half on Valentine’s Day. 

Greeting Card companies, chocolate companies, and lingerie stores, all rely on men, spending enormous amounts of money on the women of their affection, but the women are not expected to do the same.  Why not? 

Men appreciate romance, and there is not a man on planet Earth who would be offended by being shown love, particularly on a special day, by the important people in their lives. 

Believe it or not, there is already a global movement to have March 14th, 2020, be designated as a Guy’s Valentines’ Day.  The hope is that Guy’s Valentine’s Day will become a regular day of romantic recognition, just like February 14th. 

What about the history of Valentine’s Day, the female-directed marketing of February 14th, and the global use of the media to push for March 14th, 2020 to become a Valentine’s Day for men all over the world. 

Valentines’ Day did not begin as a holiday reserved primarily for displaying a man’s affection, admiration, or love, towards a woman.  Valentine’s Day started as a religious feast that honored Saint Valentine.  The day is not a holiday, but still is observed in the Anglican Church program. 

Cupid and the shooting of bows carrying love began an international craze that shifted the day from being centered on religion, to a day to celebrate love. 

In the 19th century, Cadbury Chocolates involved themselves in the Valentine’s Day marketing frenzy,and created new ways to make different types and flavors of chocolate.  Their grasp of the power of the holiday paid off as men became the purchasers en masse of chocolate to give as gifts to their partners.

Hallmark wasted precious time becoming the official greeting card for Valentine’s Day in 1916.  It should be noted that Hallmark produced cards for both men and women, but the majority of the marketing and cards available were for women.

Other retail stores jumped onto the holiday, offering merchandise specificallyfor men to buy for women.  Sales back up these numbers with men spending an average of $338USD while women spend only $64USD on the holiday.

The push was on for an international day for men that could be appreciated by all people, of all backgrounds, regardless of their age, education, religion, or social status. That is where LoveWorks® got involved with the National Guy’s Valentine’s Day.

The financial impact of Valentine’s Day shows it is aimed at the female.  But there is a growing desire to have a day for males as well. 

In Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan and others, for example, the majority of sales are made to women. The majority of gift sales and givers in Asian countries are women – giving gifts to men.

The women decided that a day should exist where men had to return the favor, and show their affection to those who gave them gifts, in part due to the cultural norms of always giving a gift to someone who gave to you.

The day was called “White Day” and drew the ire of many groups internationally and locally.  It was viewed as divisive and did not reflect the true nature of what the day was supposed to be about. 

In the United States, a Louisiana company named LoveWorks®, stepped in and changed the day to “National Guy’s Valentine’s Day” in 2016.  Radio stations, and various forms of social media began to promote and campaign for March 14th to be the special date.

Men were always too proud, or simply frowned upon if they expressed the feeling they were not being appreciated on Valentine’s Day.  Guy’s Valentine’s Day is now being promoted as a day that anyone can show appreciation for the “guy” in their life. 

It is not necessary to be in a relationship with the guy.  Co-workers, relatives, friends that get together socially, all now have a day that they can “safely” (without ridicule) express appreciation for one another.  Imagine a group of men who usually gather to watch the game together, being out celebrating on a day reserved just for them.

National Guy’s Valentine’s Day.  March 14th, 2020.  Through the help of the media, the general public now recognizes that there needs to be a day to honor and celebrate the men in the world.