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Kumara Parvatha Trek guide

Some important tips about Kumara Parvatha Trek guide-

Kumara Parvatha is arranged in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. At the lower regions lies an antiquated and renowned temple called Kukke Subrahmanya.

The temple is loaded up with history and holds a ton of significance among local people.

Individuals from all over the nation, particularly from South India visit the temple to get their desires satisfied by making contributions. Fans fill the temple premises practically constantly.

Directly behind the Kukke Subrahmanya Temple, standing tall is Shesha Parvatha, with its thick cover of lavish green timberland of the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kumara Parvatha or Pushpagiri is the name of the pinnacle which is concealed more often than not and is noticeable simply in the wake of intersection Shesha Parvatha, yet the whole path is famously known as the Kumara Parvatha journey.

Kumara Parvatha is the second most elevated top in the Kodagu area, simply after Tadiandamol and the fourth most noteworthy top in Karnataka.

As the sunrise breaks, the primary look at Shesha Parvatha will give you a thought of the experience you will have and it sets your heart’s hustling!

Moving up to somewhat in excess of 1,700 meters (approx. 5,600 feet), Kumara Parvatha is the most testing journey in Karnataka. Furthermore, it satisfies its name.

The journey covers a distance of 22 kilometers and is generally done more than 2 days

Trail : 

The Kumara Parvatha trail is a difficult one, directly from the earliest starting point.

You will begin the journey from nearly ocean level and move up to 5,600 feet more than two days and cover 22 kilometers in distance.

In view of the distance and height pick up, the whole journey can be separated into three areas

Section 1

Forest section to Bhattara Mane

Distance – 6kms

Duration- 5 hours

 From the base of the trip, the path is very much stamped. Follow the path which takes you more profound into the thick backwoods. It begins as a moderate to soak rising and gets more extreme as you continue, with intermittent level areas.

The backwoods is loaded up with untamed life that typically avoids the fundamental path. On the off chance that you are tranquil and mindful, you may hear the hints of wild creatures, recognize a couple of types of winged animals and snakes also. Notice nature while you are here. You won’t get this setting once you head back to the city. The woods is out and out a tropical rainforest!

Post storms, there will be parasites on the path. While they are there from the earliest starting point of the woodland segment itself, you will begin to see them while you rest at Bheema rock.

You will arrive at a clearing as you move higher, which denotes the finish of the timberland segment.

On the off chance that you start the trip when it is as yet dull (around 5:30 AM), you will be welcomed to this view when you emerge from the backwoods.

From here, you will arrive at Bhattara Mane in about a kilometer. The perspective I and the Forest Office are extremely near Bhatta’s House.

The path goes astray to one side and drops down to Bhattara Mane. In the event that you don’t take the left, you will arrive at the Forest Office by going straight and to View Point I, on the off chance that you take the right.

The Viewpoint I offers all-encompassing perspectives on Shesha Parvatha directly before you, and the excellent Western Ghats around you.

When you report at Bhattara Mane, continue to the Forest Office and pay the charges for your following day’s climb to the highest point. The path section charge is Rs.350 per head. This incorporates journeying charge, trail upkeep expense, and outdoors charge also.

Section 2

Bhattarai Mane to Shesha Parvatha

 Distance- 3 km

 Duration- 3 hours

 The path begins to get more extreme in under 10 minutes and you are in the meadows now. Welcome yourself to the tremendous ceaseless perspective on greenery, with thick patches of woods to your left side.

Advance up to Shesha Parvatha. After a hard ascension that praises the out-of-the-world view, in around 2 kilometers, you arrive at Kallu Mantapa. This is your rest point. Hydrate well. Follow the primary Pro Tip and taste the water at regular intervals.

Since there is no woods cover like the earlier day, you are presented to the sun and the warmth for the whole span of the journey until you head back to the Forest Office. Add to that the close vertical ascension that follows. This dries out you and channels you out of energy rapidly.

As you draw nearer to Shesha Parvatha, you see a huge green valley alongside the lofty stone face of Shesha Parvatha to one side.

You get away from the encompassing Western Ghats just in harvest time and winters.

Section 3

Shesha Parvatha to Kumara Parvatha Peak

Duration- 1 hour 30 minutes

Distance- 1.5 km

Prior to the timberland, there is a close vertical drop. This is exceptionally steep and is frequently elusive because of the free mud and rock. Cautiously slip down into the woodland.

When you climb the stone face, in under 20 minutes you arrive at the Kumara Parvatha Peak, additionally called the Pushpagiri Peak.

From here, the opposite side of the mountain opens up which was shrouded from the start.

On a sunny morning, you will see the pinnacles of Coorg and the remainder of the Western Ghats extended all over.

Invest your energy liberally at the pinnacle. Remember to take in the landscape at the same time you journey, as you will get a 360° perspective on the Western Ghats

Close your eyes and think about your excursion till the top. Notice the quietness and the hints of nature. Loosen up your over-worked muscles before you start your excursion back to base.

Since you will take a similar course back, you should be mindful of the precarious areas and move gradually and consistently. A slip may make you fall and harm yourself.

Advance back to Bhatta’s House as expected for lunch. Have your lunch and head over to the Forest Office to gather your gear and assets

Head back to the base accepting a similar course as yesterday.

Since it is all declining from here, you should be additional careful not to run or lose your balance. In a perfect world, you should set aside a similar measure of effort to plummet as you had taken for the climb.

Along these lines, cross the plunge through the timberland cautiously and arrive at the base before supper before it gets dim.