In these days of Coronavirus crisis, many are realizing how much the connection (mobile and fixed) is a commodity. Some use it for smart working, some to continue studying with online teaching, and some to call friends and relatives with applications such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp – which is putting a strain on the infrastructure of Facebook.

How to improve ping

This situation is also pushing more and more users to become aware of some parameters related to their connection, such as ping. To the most unknown, this value measured in milliseconds (ms) is an extremely important parameter and capable of greatly influencing the quality of your connection.

Improving the connection ping not only allows you to surf with greater stability but also to play online with your friends at the highest levels.

What is ping

A ping is a tool that indicates the time taken by one or more packets to make the round trip from your PC to a node. The higher this value, the longer it takes for a packet (hence information) to travel from your PC to a node and back.

How to measure ping

To measure the ping values, a packet and the time it takes to reach a node on the network and go back are examined. There are a large number of tools to test the ping of your connection.

The most experienced can take advantage of the Windows 10 Command Prompt, while the others can, for example, use online systems such as or to evaluate all data relating to their network, including ping, as in the image above.

What to do to improve ping

In case your ping is extremely high, usually above 50-60 ms, then there is likely to be some problem on your network. In this case, you can try to connect your computer with the Ethernet cable rather than with Wi-Fi, set the Google DNS directly within the settings of your router, optimally set the firewall on your network or check if your antivirus is not implementing too restrictive policies regarding connectivity on the web.

If these recommendations are not enough, it is advisable to call your provider and request assistance. Keep in mind that in recent weeks all operators are experiencing a dizzying increase in volumes of use of the network, therefore the increase in ping could be a direct consequence of this state of crisis that we are experiencing.