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Is Blue Lotus Essential Oil Good for Health?


The blue lotus flower is known by various names, like a blue water lily, Egyptian lotus, sacred blue lily, and so on. For ages, this flower and the oil extracted from the flowers have been used in preparing medicines. It is a natural aphrodisiac, sleep enhancer, and anxiety reliever. Blue lotus essential oil has lots of health benefits that can make you look for the original product.

What Is Blue Lotus Flower?

Blue lotus is kind of a water lily that grows mainly in Egypt and also in certain parts of Asia. In Egypt, this flower has cultural and traditional significance as the image of this flower has been craved in many tombs, walls, etc. according to historians, this flower was used in making medicines for anxiety and insomnia, and also it was used in aromatherapy. This flower and the essential oil are considered to have psychoactive properties. It is because it comes with two important components:

Apomorphine: This is a psychoactive compound that works as a dopamine agonist. This means the essential oil can instill a feeling of happiness and euphoria instantly in the user. This component is also good for treating muscle strictness in diseases like Parkinson’s and also works to solve erectile dysfunction.

Nuciferine: This is kind of a compound that works as an antipsychotic. This means blue lotus essential oil can induce a feeling of calmness in you once you inhale it. it is also effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

As blue lotus can instantly make you high, in many countries around the world consuming the essential oil directly has been banned.

Are There Any Health Benefits of Blue Lotus Essential Oil?

Yes, the blue lotus essential oil has several health benefits and that’s why it has been used in making medicines and cosmetics for a long time. Some of the benefits of this essential oil are-

Works as Natural Moisturizer

If you are troubled with flaky skin and want instant hydration, go for buying such moisturizer that contains blue lotus essential oil. You can also add a few drops of this oil to your regular moisturizer to have soft and smooth skin naturally. This oil brightens up your skin by removing the flaws.

It Can be Used as Relaxant

The beautiful aroma of blue lotus oil can calm your senses and give you relief from stress and anxiety. You can use the oil directly to the diffuser or use perfumes or room freshener with this essential oil. In aromatherapy, blue lotus oil is used vividly because of this.

Use as Natural Hair Conditioner

Frizzy and tangled hair causes too much hair fall. Want to have soft and smooth locks? Use hair conditioner with this oil or add it to your shampoo while washing your hair. This is one of the best remedies to have beautiful and healthy hair.

It Cures Menstruation Issues

Many of you suffer from several problems each month during periods. Menstruation cramps are unbearable. If you want a natural cure, using blue lotus oil can be beneficial. It can reduce your menstruation cramps and soothes your muscle to relax. It also helps in other problems, like skin rashes, pimples, etc. at this time.

Works as Natural Aphrodisiac

Since ancient times, blue lotus oil has been used as a seductive drug by both men and women. It works as a potential sex stimulant and arouses your senses and body to get intimate. So, if you think you need to add more spice to your life, buy the original blue lotus oil now.

It Is Anti-diabetic

Researches have proved that the medicinal properties of blue lotus oil can treat diabetes effectively. It comes with certain components that also treat the accompanying diseases of diabetes, like heart diseases and so on.

So, here you Get to know that blue lotus essential oil and its health benefits. Still, you should be very careful about using it because of its psychoactive properties. Children and pregnant women should stay away from it as the effects of the oil on them are still under research.

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