Friday, December 9

Is an Antique Bench the Missing Element From Your Bedroom?

What does it take to create a perfect bedroom arrangement that captures the right feeling of French luxury? Of course, you have to start with a great foundation, and that means investing in a beautifully-designed bed, and the proper storage pieces and nightstands are necessary as well. Even after all of this, however, it may feel as though your Provincial-style bedroom is missing something.

Have you considered adding a charming antique bench into your room’s design? These beautiful pieces not only help add to the atmosphere of a Provincial bedroom, but they are also extraordinarily functional as well.

How Your Bedroom Benefits From an Antique Bench

A great piece of furniture shouldn’t act as a mere set piece. While adding to the look and feel of a space is important for the overall appearance of your home, each of your furniture pieces should provide plenty of utility as well. This way there will be a more grounded, organic feel to your arrangement, which after all is at the heart of the traditional French Provincial style of decorating.

An antique bench is a smart addition that is not only attractive but highly functional. You can easily place one of these pieces of furniture at the foot of your French-style bed, for an immediate improvement in terms of the way your bedroom appears. A room that feels somewhat empty or lacking can be quickly improved with the simple addition of a stylish bench.

One reason why these furniture pieces add so much value to your bedroom is that they offer a great place to sit other than your bed. If you hate messing up your bed in the middle of the day yet simply need a place to sit to lace up your boots, a bench will work wonders in your bedroom.

You can also use a beautiful bench as a means of highlighting certain decor elements. They provide a great place to set down a serving tray, or for linen and pillows as well. Having an alternative place to set up decor or simply place objects down that doesn’t include a dresser or the bed itself, will give your bedroom the proper functionality you need while also adding to the atmosphere of the room as well.

Where Can You Find a Suitable Antique Bench?

Not every one of these pieces of furniture that you come across will be suitable for a French Provincial bedroom, however. Many benches can be rather plain and won’t really flow well with your bed and the rest of your antique French furniture.

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