Wednesday, February 1

International Removals–New Zealand

So, you are off to New Zealand? A bucket-list destination for many travellers and expats alike. Whether travelling for business or for your holidays, New Zealand is a highly popular destination for those seeking adventure and natural beauty overseas. The country boasts some truly spectacular landscapes, sumptuous food and wine, stunning beaches,glorious weather and refreshinglymulti-cultural,it’s no surprise that many people choose New Zealand when heading abroad.Like Australia, New Zealandis far less densely populated than many European countries and offers economic advantage for many with an increased opportunity for skilled workers. There is also a whole host of sports and experiences to enjoy and the capital, Wellington, is buzzing with culture and music, as well as being the base location for the production of some of the most epic film trilogies in cinema history. 

With any move, there is a lot to consider. Relocating can be stressful at the best of times, never mind emigrating or traveling overseas! New Zealandhas very strict quarantine and immigration regulations and there will also be paperwork and visa applications to complete, in addition to making removal arrangements.Having someone who specialises in international home moving coordinating your move, frees you up to get your affairs in order ahead of moving day. International Removalscan take care of the packing, transit and sea freight, and I can also walk you through all of the paperwork required, and offer expert advice regarding varying Customs requirements, insurance and foreign exchange, saving you money and valuable time.

Whatever the level of assistance you require you can put my many years of experience in international moving to good use. Whether you are cruising on the lakes of Queenstown, sipping a plumy red in the Marlborough District or wanting to take up horse-back ridingin Glenorchy, International Moving Expert can get you anywhere in New Zealand reliably and professionally.

I work with an array of highly professional and accredited service providers to ensure that you, your belongings, your pets (ask me for more info regarding pet transportation and quarantine for New Zealand), your vehicle… whatever you hold dear, are taken care of, and you can rest safe in the knowledge that all of your valuables and possessions are in great hands from point A to point Z and all points in between.

Moving your life overseas, even just on a short-term basis, is a big step and one that is often taxing and exhausting. I understand the magnitude of such a move and I willhelp you through every step of the moving process: organising insurance, taking care of packing up your home or premises, arranging international shipping, coordinating safe transit from the port to your new home or premises and off-loading your goods once they have reached their destination.

Check out the FAQ’s section, and I can hopefully resolve any other queries you may have regarding your chosen destination or your removal needs. Better yet, simply get in touch and I can talk you through all the services I can offer.