Saturday, December 10

International Moving – Canada

So, you are heading to Canada!

Canada is renowned for its winter sports, ice hockey, incredible wildlife, hiking, biking, water sports and a generally active, outdoor lifestyle; and with its beautiful landscapes and breath-taking lakes and mountain ranges, it’s no wonder many people choose Canada when starting a new life overseas. While strict on immigration, Canada is highly welcoming of expats and is one of the world’s most multi-cultural countries. Popular destinations for those moving to Canada include Whistler, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto,and Vancouver; the latter three cities of which have been ranked as some of the most liveable cities in the world.

Whether it is an extended holiday, a business trip or you are emigrating, relocating can be stressful and, as with any move, there is a lot to think about!  Canada has strict quarantine and immigration regulations, and there is also Customs paperwork to complete in addition to making any removal arrangements. Having someone who specialises in international removals coordinating your move, frees you up to get your affairs in order ahead of moving day. International Moving Expert can take care of the packing, transit and sea freight, and I can also walk you through all of the paperwork required, and offer expert advice regarding any Customs and import requirements, insurance and foreign exchange, saving you money and valuable time.

I work with an array of highly professional and accredited service providers to ensure that you, your goods, your four-legged friends, your vehicles… whatever you hold dear, are looked after. You can rest safe in the knowledge that all of your valuables and possessions are in safe hands from point A to point Z and all points in between. There are ten provinces in Canada: Ontario,Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta, and International Moving Expert can get you to any of them.

Moving your life overseas is a big step and one that can often bevery strenuous and draining for everyone involved. International Moving Expert can help to relieve the stress of moving to Canada. Whatever the level of assistance you require you can put my many years of experience in international moving to good use. I can assist you through any or every step of the moving process: organising insurance, taking care of packing up your home or premises, arranging international shipping, coordinating safe transit from the port to your new home or premises and off-loading your goods once they have reached their destination. Ensuring that your new life in the ‘Great White North’ starts without a hitch.

There are a lot of factors to consider when moving to Canada as I’m sure you’re well aware.If you are in need of further information then it is well worth checking out the FAQ’s section.Better yet, just get in touch, and I can talk you through all the services I offer and answer any specific questions you may have.