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Improve energy efficiency at home, tips for renovation

Some precautions that can reduce energy waste in homes: from the choice of the type of window frame to the use of photovoltaic panels.

Today, with the exorbitant costs that have reached electricity and gas, improving the energy efficiency of your apartment has become an indispensable necessity. If then the house needs some maintenance work, there is no better opportunity to intervene on both fronts.

The costs of a renovation for energy efficiency

Before proceeding with the work to transform your home into a low environmental impact house, you must check the condition of the apartment and its real needs. The costs depending on the type of home, its conditions and the materials we will decide to use, together with any garnishes. The best way to get an idea of ​​the cost of the work is to request quotes from various construction companies.

In order not to waste time looking for a professional in your area, you can use the service offered by portals such as, which allow you to search for specialists who carry out renovations in Genoa and to request a quote immediately. In this way, it is possible to compare the costs of the various companies in the area and get an idea of ​​the amount that will be spent with the renovation works.

But what are the main works that can be applied to your home to improve energy efficiency?

The fixtures

The first thing to do to improve the energy efficiency of the apartment is to eliminate the drafts and temperature changes caused by the windows. Today the new fixtures in anodized and insulated aluminium, equipped with an air-vacuum glass-chamber and with high-seal gaskets, isolated not only from the outside temperatures but also from the noise that rises from the street. PVC solutions are also excellent, although slightly more expensive.

Thermal insulation

Beyond the fixtures, even the walls of the house can disperse heat. Often they are undersized walls as thickness or built with high conductivity materials. Also, in this case, there are solutions, because today, among natural insulating materials such as wood or cork, or paints refractory to humidity and low breathability, it is possible to insulate simply and effectively.

The roof

The heat leaks from the roof are a classic, but they can be solved with a false ceiling in natural materials, low impact and fireproof according to EEC standards, to be filled, if you live on the top floor, with expanded clay, to be take in bags in any building material retailer.

Repainting the interior

Walls and ceilings must be refreshed regularly to make the environment healthier. The advice is to choose non-toxic paints, made with natural products, which purify the walls and do not fill the air with lead-based solvents.

Photovoltaic panels

Using solar energy for electricity is an exceptional idea, especially now that prices are becoming increasingly accessible. Of course, you need to have a roof available, or a terrace where you can place them, but the savings are huge, especially if the panels are combined with an accumulator, which also gives electricity at night.

Double glazing

The new glass mixtures are already low in emissivity compared to traditional glass, but the solution of placing two, with a chamber in the middle which is emptied of air, makes them truly athermic. To mount them on traditional fixtures, however, it will be necessary to modify their structure.

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