Wednesday, November 30

Important paperwork to do before relocating your home & office

While you are busy packing up your home, you may forget to do some important formalities before moving to the new place. Only professional packers and movers get involved in paperwork for the convenience of their customers and the safety of goods they are transporting from one location to another. With a long list of tasks to do, a series of paperwork at every point of the home relocation process makes it extremely tiresome and time-consuming for everyone.

Although your packers and movers are there to reduce your stress during the move, you need to take care of all sorts of paperwork to prevent last-minute hassles in shifting. Right from packing your personal belongings to loading, transporting, unloading, & unpacking them at the final destination, a moving company will take control of all the tasks of moving goods. But there are still certain things that you shall need to do on your own and paper works completion is one of them.

Here are the key reasons why you need to take charge of getting all your shifting related paper works done at priority are:

To stay on the safer side: While crossing borders for moving your goods from one state to another, you may be asked to present some documents for routine custom checks. Therefore, you must keep all necessary papers ready to avoid facing unwanted interruptions at that moment.  

To eliminate delays & hassles: Interstate and domestic relocations are far more tricky and tedious than local moves as the distance is longer. All the formalities associated with relocations must be done in the beginning so that you can experience zero-stress shifting without wasting a single minute in recurring paper works.

To ensure the safety of movables: The majority of shifting service providers offer insurance facility for the safety of each & every item they move. It is advised to go through the terms and conditions of insurance provided by your moving company and sign all required documents while finalizing your move with their packers and movers. This will keep you free from your shifting concerns as you can ask for compensation of up to 90% of the overall price of goods damaged or lost during the move.

To avoid paying extra charges: Most customers report frauds & additional charges included in the final bills. To avoid disappointment due to variations in the quoted price and final bill shared by the moving company, you must get all documents and papers while confirming your booking with the packers and movers.

Paper works are the necessities to ensure worry-free movement of your goods. If you are worried about your coming move then you must keep these points in mind to do paper works & avoid all major hurdles in the shifting process:

Get official paperwork done at priority:  No matter if you are moving in the same locality or from one city to another; you are supposed to change your address specifically if you’re planning to reside at your new place permanently. Therefore, it is very important to do this official paper works done before you move into your new place. Update your address in Aadhar card, bank accounts, voter IDs, ration cards, driving license, & other government-approved identification documents as soon as possible.

Pay all your bills before moving: It is advised to clear all your pending bills rather than extending them further. Many people unknowingly delay the payment of services availed by them and keep postponing them on the final day of shifting. However, one must clear all dues of electricity bills, house rent, domestic help, etc. first to move without worrying about the past payments.   

Keep your property papers ready: Make sure that you have got all your papers related to both the previous and new properties. Many families face difficulties due to mismanagement & lack of proper paperwork while moving to the new address. Right from your property papers to documents signed for parking facilities, receipts for appliances installed at the new home, & other services, you must keep everything handy at present anytime.  

Carry all documents shared by packers & movers: Before finalizing your move with a moving agency, you must ask for quotes to know price estimates and that’s the very first thing to inspect if they are genuine or not. If your packers and movers are reliable, they will take care of all the paper works for quotation, billing, date & location of shifting, & other important details of move as well as a service provider.

Transfer certificates of kids: Once you move your home to the new locality in a different state of the country, you need to show all important documents including transfer certificates to admit your kids to the new school. Don’t forget to take TC from the previous school/university of your children before shifting to avoid facing problems in the admission procedure.

That’s all you need to learn about the important paperwork to do if you are moving to the new home. Have a happy and convenient shifting with your loved ones!!