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How to resolve your backup issues using cPanel?

Key phrase: resolve your backup issues

Backups, though hard to maintain, are vital for server management, website administration and avoid falling with unforeseen disasters. Backups assist in saving the replicas of the web files into another location; however, issues walk hand in hand. A cheap cPanel license activates the cPanel and lets you resolve your backup issues easily.

With cPanel, you can fully backup your site alongside partial backups. Here is how:

Full Backup

To start, you need to log into the cPanel, then click on the backup files section on the home screen. You will see the full backup option; click the download full account backup option. Ultimately, a destination listing will pop up, select where you think is the best place to save the file. In case you want to receive a completion email, click yes. Otherwise, enter do not send. Finally, click on generate backup. Eventually, cPanel creates a full backup of your site.

You can also download and restore the full backup. However, go for restoring only when you are sure that out-and-out data deletion will not affect you. 

Navicosoft’s hosting plans include scheduled daily backups of web files to avoid and resolve your backup issues.

Partial Backups Access 

The partial backup will be the files that already exist in your account. Likewise, above, you have to log in to the cPanel home-screen and click backup. In the bar of partial backup, you can view some or all the backed-up files. From there, by clicking on the file name, you can download the desired file. For instance, you can download the home directory, email forwarders, email filters, MySQL databases, etc. 

To restore the partial backup, you should click the desired file and then press the upload option, and your backup restore is complete.

What if I find the whole process difficult? 

Start with buying a Cheap cPanel license and effortlessly resolve your backup issues.

If you still find it struggling, you can contact Navicosoft. The company has an expert support team to ease the hosting issues and server management round the clock.

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