After a long and exhausting year, it is time to get a Christmas tree for your house this year. It is a wonderful addition to any home simply because they bring back a lot of memories. The fresh scent of pine leaves in your home imparts a cozy feeling.

While you are enjoying family time with your loved ones, don’t forget about your precious hardwood floors. It happens like clockwork every year. After the trees are removed, the hardwood floors are left damaged. In most cases, they need to be sanded and refinished for restoration.  

If you want to sport a fresh Christmas tree without compromising the luxurious luster of your hardwood floors, here are a few preventive maintenance tips for you.

  1. Prepare Your Floors Before Purchasing The Tree

Before heading to the Christmas tree farm, prepare your house floors for its arrival. Since we thrive on two decades-old hardwood flooring in our home, we keep preparatory cleaning as a part of the ritual. Begin with cleaning your floors with a vacuum and microfiber mop. Most people don’t realize that you need to use a different vacuum cleaner for carpets and hardwood floors.

Avoid using water as moisture is not easily evaporated during the winter season. Never use a broom on hardwood floors as it can leave scratches.

2.Install A Barrier Between The Tree And Floor

Mere cleaning is not enough. You have to think about the main culprits and prepare accordingly. When it comes to flood damage, there are three main culprits, water, sap, and pine needles. Water can puddle quickly leading to irreversible damages to your floor. Whereas sap can accumulate as sticky material that is hard to get rid of.

The best way to protect your hardwood flooring is to install a barrier beneath the tree. For added protection, add a drain beneath the tree stand. And don’t forget to add felt pads to protect your floors from the tree stand.

Never use a towel as a mat beneath the Christmas tree. It can absorb the water and retain it for a long time. The moisture is an enemy for your floors.

3.Bring In The Tree With Caution

While you prepare the spot to place your tree, don’t forget about the pathway from the door to the spot. Before you bring in the tree, place some mat or sheet on the floor. Avoid using plastic sheets as they can cause slips.

If it is not already packed, shake off excess pine needles outside the door. Use a garbage bag to cover as many branches as possible. It will significantly reduce the number of pine needles that fall on your floor. Don’t drag the tree as it can leave a long scrap. Once you have placed the tree on its stand, carefully fold the mat you placed in the pathway.

4.Keep Up With Maintenance

While the tree is in its place, remove the fallen needles from the floor on daily basis. They can scratch the wooden panels with your shoes, slippers, pets, and kids.

If you want to minimize the pine needle loss, keep the tree well-hydrated.

5.Take Down The Christmas Tree Carefully

Once you ready to take it down, cover your floors with mat or sheet again. It will collect the pine needles that will inevitably fall off the branches. You can cover the tree with a plastic bag. Once the tree is taken outside, clean the water drain and vacuum the floors.

Installation of wood floors should not keep you from celebrating the most awaited festival of the year!