Do you want to please and surprise friends, your partner or a family member for their birthday? It’s always exciting to organize a birthday party and even more so when it has to be kept secret. Here are some tips for you to make an unforgettable surprise birthday.

You will have to ask yourself several questions, like first of all the year during which you wish to celebrate this anniversary? Indeed if it is in winter you will have to rent a room, while in summer you can organize the outdoor party. You will also have to ask yourself how many guests will be invited, as you will not have the same possibilities depending on whether there are many people or many people. Can guests stay sleeping? This is just an excerpt from all the questions to ask yourself when planning a magical surprise birthday party, so follow the steps below and off you go!


Before thinking about everything else, you have to find out the date on which the surprise birthday will take place. It may sound easy like that but there are things you will need to watch out for. Here are some tips that will help you a lot.


Don’t warn too early, or too late! The more you warn, the more likely it is that someone will make a mistake. But so that everyone can come and that no one is organizing a party on the same date, try to notify a month in advance


Take into account the constraints of the person to whom you are organizing this beautiful anniversary: ​​maybe he works on Saturdays? In this case, organize the party on Saturday evening. What if this relative is a student who works on Saturdays and Sundays? You can ask one of his colleagues to warn the bosses (if you do it in advance, they will find a solution and it will be a second surprise: a day off).

If you are planning a friend’s surprise birthday, don’t hesitate to ask their loved ones for more information on their calendar. And conversely, if you are a family member, do not hesitate to ask your friends. It would be silly to organize his birthday on the weekend when the guest of honour had planned a weekend by the sea. 


Are you afraid that the guest will decide to organize his birthday before he even discovers the surprise or that he plans something else on that date? To be calm, tell him that you invite him to eat at your house on the day of the evening. Like that, he will not plan other plans. And if he starts to tell you that he wants to organize a birthday party, how do we do it? You will have to tell all the guests to make it look nothing and make him believe that you will be present. But the date of the surprise birthday will have to be before the date on which he intends to organize his evening. 



It is quite possible to have a surprise evening at home, with friends or with a family member. But since not everyone has a large house, you can rent a room that can accommodate all the guests. It is easy to book halls from town halls, prices are generally attractive to residents. The advantage of the hall is that it has everything necessary for the party, namely a bar, a stage and a dance floor. For the price, it depends on the regions, you have to count 100 € for 50m², but it can cost much more.

If you are a smaller committee, you can privatize a restaurant or book a gîte, the advantages are numerous for the restaurant, you do not need to serve or prepare food, for the gîte, this allows all guests sleep on-site and be able to organize an activity the next day. The price for the rental of a cottage for an entire weekend depends on the season, the place and the number of beds and services available, prices start from 400 € up to 2000 €. You can find out more on the group accommodation site or the France accommodation site.

I find a cottage near my home


If you want to organize your surprise evening outside during the summer holidays, you can also probe your friends who own a large plot, but it is also possible to reserve furnished grounds with barbecue and picnic table and the best of the best to privatize a beach. If you want to do it on a public beach, you will have to obey different rules including the ban on drinking alcohol in a public place and lighting a campfire. The organization in terms of music and lighting is also complicated.


You have to choose the guests according to the preferences of the person, if it is a person who prefers small committees to large assemblies, it will be necessary to invite friends and close family. Conversely, it is also possible to invite all friends but also colleagues and family in general. If unfortunately, in his family or friends, some people do not get along, then you must either invite one person or bring the people together to lecture them on possible bad behaviour that could spoil the evening and all efforts made to organize it. The size of the room is also a factor to take into account if you have rented a large room, you will have to make it profitable with a large number of guests.

They will all be together to spend a wonderful evening in the company of someone important to them, they will just have to prepare to wish him a happy birthday!


It is always nice to choose a theme for a surprise party. This theme must be in line with the passions of the surprise guest. Once this theme has been chosen, it will be easier to choose the decoration and restoration elements. A theme also makes it easier for everyone to present to interact and reach out to others. Here are some examples of known passions:


Don’t think you can do it all by yourself. It is always a good idea to get help before and after the evening. It is for this reason that one should not hesitate to solicit friends and to distribute tasks well. To do this, you can make a list of things to do before and during the event. Here is a list to help you:



Remember that this is the evening of the guest of honour. Even if it is you who spent all your energy on organizing this event, it is he who will be in the spotlight. And to make him understand that it is HIS evening, hang pictures of him as a child and with his loved ones on the walls. If you have skills, you can create a video montage with delirious videos of him as a baby, photos with his entourage and videos of his loved ones who send him a message. You can project the film on a wall and you just have to watch his eyes sparkle. Find a projector at a low price here

If you have energy left, you can organize a common kitty so that everyone can slip a ticket (or make a transfer if you make a kitty on the internet). But what to do with all this money? Well, you can let the guest of honour use it as they see fit. But as a gift it’s always more fun to discover, you can buy him a nice gift or offer a share of the money and use the rest to buy lots of funny gifts that you will slip into a large box (shot glass, hoods, stuffed animals …). Once you have found the ideal gift (s), do not forget to ask all participants to sign and if possible leave a nice word on the birthday card. 


The perfect time to give the gifts is a third of the evening, just before the desserts, to gather all the guests around the surprise guest. And if it is a dance party, the moment of the gifts will be a good excuse to gather everyone on the dancefloor. You just have to rely on the DJ to start music that will make everyone dance once the packages are unpacked. 

  • During the day, offer the gifts 2 hours after the guests have arrived. That way you give the guest of honour time to get over their emotions and all the guests to get comfortable. Don’t wait for the first guests to leave to give the gifts.
  • In the evening, offer the packages before midnight. If you wait too long, you may end the evening at a time when everyone is having fun dancing.


Food and drinks will guide your evening. There should be a buffet which will be appreciated by most people. Depending on your guests, you can choose a classic meal at the table or simply make a dinner aperitif. The second option will certainly be much more affordable in terms of price and organization.

Then if you have the time, you can always make a large salad bowl of punch or sangria to gather the largest world around this aperitif.

Of course, don’t forget the younger ones because children don’t eat the same thing as adults (especially when it’s a birthday party), so if there are young children don’t forget to think about them (and if you have in mind to organize 5 years, we have planned a tutorial for you).


The most exciting thing about hosting a surprise party, of course, is to keep it a secret for as long as possible. One must be gifted in the art of handling subterfuges. First of all, it should be clearly stated and emphasized in the invitations that it is a SURPRISE party and the name of the guest should not be mentioned specifically. Then, plan a fictitious evening with the surprise guest to be sure that the latter is available in due time. It is also necessary to specify to the people who are not invited and who can be in contact with the person to keep the secret. Do not forget to park your cars far from the meeting place so as not to spoil the surprise within seconds.

If the surprise anniversary is for your spouse and you share your computer, be careful with your research on the internet or your conversations on social networks. It is also possible to create an email address especially for the event to communicate with the guests. Finally, you can use social networks to find friends and family. Even if you have planned a too great evening on the theme of the Unicorn, keep the secret because the surprise will be all the more beautiful!


The choice of music is essential, it will ambience the evening. As we saw earlier, you can hire a DJ or hire a sound system . You can also find someone likely to do it among your guests, the children will always be very motivated at the idea of ​​being able to animate an evening, you are free to trust them or not. You can create a playlist with your music or on Deezer, you have to think about putting all the styles to please everyone. If you feel like a composer, you can write a song for your friend, taking care to print the lyrics for the guests.

Then, during the evening, you can set up games that do not require any prior preparation such as musical chairs or bring an object as quickly as possible. If you were still wondering why it is important to celebrate your birthday, after your games you will no longer ask yourself this question! 



In order not to cross the guest on the road, ask the guests to come 30min early, or even more, for those who are used to being late. You also need to find someone to keep them busy all day as far away from preparations as possible. You can surprise the guest with confetti when he arrives or more simply by staying in the dark and turning on the light. For young adults (for example to celebrate their 18th birthday), you can ask their girlfriends to sing a song when everyone is in the dark when the guest enters.

That’s it, it’s the big day, after months of stress and preparation, the secret has been kept warm. The room is beautifully decorated, the champagne is cool, the petit fours are ready to be devoured, the guests are impatient.

The guest returns, amazed, he had seen nothing coming, you just have to let the magic happen.