Thursday, March 23

How to Install Fog LED Lights on Your 2019 Ford F-150

Suppose you have a 2019 Ford F-150. Support you want to upgrade your factory fog lights to LED lights because they last longer, are more reliable, and there are better, brighter LEDs out there. Suppose you don’t want to make any crazy modifications to your vehicle and want a pair of plug-and-play LEDs that you basically just need to pop in.

That’s a lot of suppositions, but we can take care of them for you. First, you’ll need to get the truck. You’re on your own for financing. Then, you’ll need to buy LED fog lights for your truck – which in this case, are the H10 SLF Fog Lights that you can find at Diode Dynamics. You can also use the SS3 Fog Light Kit for the F-150, but in this article we’re going to focus on the H10s.

To access the fog light connectors and replace them, you will need to remove the inner fender liner. You may choose to remove the wheel so you can better access the housing when you remove the fender liner. If you can reach the light without removing the wheel, that’s up to you.

Remove the push pin retainer and the screws holding the inner fender liner in place and keep them in a magnetic tray or elsewhere where they will be organized. Remove the liner, locate the fog light connector, rotate it counterclockwise and pull it straight back from the housing.

Release the black locking tabs that hold the connector in place and in contact with the factory fog light bulb. The lights we’re using for this replacement are the H10 SLF Fog Lights mentioned above, which are plug-and-play lights that require no modification, have an external waterproof driver and are rated at 780 lumens.

Plug the connector into the socket you exposed when you removed the old lights, and turn the fog lights on to check them before you finish installation. You’ll need to ensure that they illuminate correctly because the supplied connector is polarized. If they don’t light when you switch them on, simply disconnect the connector, rotate it 180 degrees and plug it back in. this time, they should illuminate properly.

Place the bulb back into the fog light housing and rotate it clockwise to ensure that it seats and locks properly. If you choose, you can use a zip tie to secure the extra length of wire and the driver out of the way so that it is not moving around freely behind the fender liner.

To complete the installation, replace the inner fender cover and replace the push pin and the hardware in the order in which you removed them. Then, repeat the exact same process on the other side of the vehicle.

With new fog light replacements like these, you’ll enjoy better, bright light output at the front of your vehicle, better for illuminating the road in all driving conditions – not just in foggy conditions. Though these LED fog light bulbs are designed for adverse weather conditions like dense fog, these fog lamps are a useful complement to your running lights and headlights. To learn more about their specifics or to buy LED fog lights like these, visit the links above or visit You can also reach them at 304-205-3033.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a visual reference to help you with the installation, you can consult Diode Dynamics’ YouTube materials where you will find the following video: Diode Dynamics SLF Fog Light Upgrade – 2019 Ford F-150. Follow the instructions to install them on your vehicle, and if you have questions, reach out to the team at Diode Dynamics via the avenues listed above.