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How to increase Word-press memory limit

This article is relevant “How to increase WordPress memory limit”. Many people face this problem and many people think about how to solve this problem. This is not any problem this article will help those people who face this problem. The problem is How to increase Word Press memory limit.

Five Ways to Increase the PHP Memory Limit in Word-Press

If you are a blogger and you use Word-Press; on some hosts you will notice a “fatal error: memory size exhausted” when you install many plugins, upgrade to the latest version of Word-Pressor even find an error in your Dashboard widget that prevents them from loading completely.

These types of problems arise because your host’s PHP memory limit is much less than what the process requires performing its functions. In such a case, you will need to follow these 5 tips to increase your host’s PHP memory limit.

You don’t have to get the same error as well. But when it comes to Word-Press upgrades; you will also encounter a similar error on your dashboard.

First solution:- 

Increase the limit via the PHP.ini file

You can directly increase the PHP memory limit if you have access to the PHP.ini file. Most small Shared hosting servers will not give you access to the PHP.ini file. But some servers allow you to create a duplicate PHP.ini in your respective site Directories whose data/values ​​will override the default PHP.ini values.

To do this, you just need to create a file with the name “php.ini” in the directory where your Word-Press site is installed. In this, just add the memory limit = 64M command to increase the memory limit to 64MB.

Second solution:- 

Modification of memory limit via wp-config.php

If you don’t want to mess with the PHP.ini file, you can go for this method. In this, you won’t need to create any additional file in your directory.

Just add define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’); in your “wp-config.php” file would increase your PHP memory limit to 64MB.

Third solution:-

Editing the .htaccess file to increase the memory limit

A default Word-Press installation will not have a .htaccess file. But in case you already have it for purposes like “301 Redirection” which is an important aspect of Word-Press SEO.

In this case, just add the command php_value memory limit 64M in your “.htaccess” file and your memory limit will increase to 64MB.

Fourth solution:-

Modification of the memory limit via install.php

This method is just an alternative to the php.ini method. Because the function of the code we use in this method is the same as we put in the php.ini file.

You just need to place the code ini_set (‘memory_limit’, ’32M’); in the “install.php” file which is placed in the wp-admin folder of your Word-Press installation.

Fifth solution:- 

Chat with your host

If you are new to all of these technicalities, you better have a live chat/call with your host right away. You have the right to talk to them and get the necessary changes you need as you pay for them.

Important Note: 

Follow one of the 5 methods above. Don’t try to implement all 5 methods at the same time or you will end up messing things up. If you are seriously not an encoder, consult your host as mentioned in the 5th point. Don’t try with a live blog that generates massive traffic.

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