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If many travelers choose India as a destination, it is because it is a country with many colors. To mention only the baroque culture of Rajasthan, the essential ski destinations, vegetarian dishes or traditional drinks of India, etc. Going to India means going on your dream trip. Without a perfect knowledge of this country, making an India tour can be a difficult task, if not impossible.
With an area of ​​3,287,263 km², it is immediately advisable to go to the airport closest to its destination. This country has 6 international airports: that of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. These international airports of India connect all major cities. It is therefore possible to go to India by plane by taking one of these international flights.
In France, especially in Paris, direct flights to India are available every day. Air France offers flights to Delhi, Mumbai or Bengaluru. It is also possible to opt for an Indian company by choosing Delhi airport as the arrival airport. The price of these direct flights differs from one company to another, from one season to another. It takes around 400 to 700 euros for a ticket to India.
From Belgium, it is also possible to reach India by direct flights. Many airlines offer Delhi or Mumbai as arrival airports. Please note, for a trip to India, you should not choose Air India. This company does not provide direct flights between Belgium and India. The cost of the Belgium-India flight is around 530 to 550 euros depending on the company.
It is also possible to choose the destination India directly from Switzerland. Direct flights to Delhi or Mumbai are available daily from Swiss. The price of a direct flight is around 700 to 1,150 FS.
However, from Canada, there are no direct flights to India. You must first pass through Europe or Asia before arriving in India.
Traveling to India by car is also feasible, although few travelers choose this option.
It is advisable to hire a car with driver for a better price. Taxi stations or rental agencies are numerous to explore the major cities of India and its outskirts. Please note that not all rental cars can move around freely. You must ask for more information from the agency depending on the tour and destination.
In general, the price varies according to the make and consumption of the car, the agency and the route to be done. In any case, everything must be done in a written contract before taking a car to India.
ew travelers want to get to India by boat travel to India by boat. However, this country has 12 economic ports and 187 other ports of destination. Thus, those who wish to can go to India by boat to the ports of Chennai, Nhava Sheva, Kandla, Mumbai, Sikka, Calcutta or even Vishakhapatnam.
Sometimes the boat trip costs less, but lasts longer. Some travel enthusiasts, especially those from Europe, are now trying to get to this country by cargo boat. This means of transport is still reserved for the wealthy. The price of this means of transport is 100 euros per day.
ndia is one of the countries with the largest rail networks in the world. From the 3rd class to the first, the trains of India serve most of its big cities and its peripheries. It is therefore possible to go to India by train by booking either through the travel agency, or through the hotel, or through stations. Station reservations are made by filling out a form at the counter.
To go to India by train, you have to book your ticket very early at the station. In general, in large cities, travelers have a quota of seats in the first class of trains. It is also possible to book a RAC ticket (subject to cancellation). Thus, the holder can always go there through another train if he misses his own.
It is also possible to travel to India by bus . Buses in India are numerous to serve the big cities and the peripheries like the mountainous countryside. To travel to India inexpensively, it is advisable to reserve your place at travel agencies or at the bus station. There is a wide choice of comforts in the bus, depending on the company and the budget: from the ordinary bus to the most luxurious. Reservations can also be made online to travel to certain states such as Karnataka or Rajasthan.
To choose this means of transport, it is advisable to be vigilant about your luggage. Therefore, going to India by bus overnight is strongly discouraged.


Traveling to India is always cheaper compared to other countries because of the value of the rupee.

However, by plane, boat, car or train, it is possible to go to India much cheaper . By anticipating the ticket reservation to visit India during the monsoon (June to October), it is possible to have a better price to go to India inexpensively. In addition, the period of school holidays in India (September-October) is the right time to get there cheap, but in this case, the best is to book at the last minute. Many travel agencies offer price comparisons on their sites.

Before making a reservation, it is strongly prohibited to go to India on the Pakistani border. The tension between India and Pakistan continues to cause deaths and injuries. Srinagar and Kashmir are the first concerned.

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