Tuesday, November 29

How to Get Discount Cigars Online and Free Shipping

These days, free shipping is almost as important to online shoppers as low prices are. Ever since some key players have been changing the game for e-commerce, consumers have become increasingly intolerant of shipping costs – even when they are, at best, nominal

It doesn’t really matter though, even when the market is concentrated in a regulated industry in which only some sellers participate, such as the market for tobacco. Even though the free shipping trend didn’t start in the market for discount cigars, it sure has gotten there.

So listen carefully, because we’re going to send you in the direction of a supplier where you can get discount cigars online and free shipping, and we’re going to tell you just how to do it – it’s easy.

You’re already on your phone or computer, so you’re in the right place. Open up a new tab and type in RockysCigars.com. If you already know about them, you’ve done more than half of the heavy lifting. You’re almost at getting some of the best prices on your favorite cigars and free shipping on top of it!

Visit their website, and check out your favorite blends and brands. They have everything – Romeo Y Julieta cigars, Rocky Patel cigars, Montecristos, Padron cigars – they have it all, including all of the top cigar brands. We won’t waste your time filling up your window with premium cigar brands. You know what they are.

Fill up your cart with your favorites. All you need to do is break $140 and you get free shipping. It’s as easy as that. Still need to add a little bit to your cart? Plan for the future or stock up the humidor. It’s not like tobacco gets worse as long as you take care of it. Actually, most of the time, it gets better!

Rocky’s Cigars doesn’t just have great cigars and great prices, by the way. If you’re new to their site, you can also get cigar accessories, pipe tobacco, and pipe accessories as well. They even carry the prestigious line of Les Fine Lames Cigar Knives. Whether you need a new lighter, butane, or a cigar cutter, they have what you need.

Break 140 dollars and you get free shipping. It’s as simple as that. You’ve just scored discount cigars online and free shipping without even breaking a sweat. Not that you should have – we made it easy.

By the way, before you close out of this, we’d like to send you a little note on the quality of discount cigars. Some people might read this and not take our advice seriously. If you’re one of those people that gets turned off by the mention of the word “discount,” for your own benefit, you should reconsider. That is, unless, you prefer spending more for the same products that you can get at Rocky’s Cigars for less.

In this case, discount has no connotation on quality. If our brands list didn’t sway you, visit their website and check out their complete list. Whatever your favorite cigar is, it’s likely to be right there in their collection.

The people at Rocky’s Cigars take tobacco as seriously as you do and they know just how to care for their cigars and age them properly. That’s another thing – if you’re wary of a new tobacco shop, just give them a call and they’ll put your mind at ease.

You can reach them at 1-888-216-5834 – or if you’re in their area and you want to see how they do things firsthand, stop by their shop in Syracuse, New York. Their collection of cigars and tobacco products – and their experience in fine tobaccos – are not to be outmatched.