Wednesday, February 1

How to Decorate Tall Outdoor Planters

You love the glamour of tall outdoor planters displayed throughout the home and garden, but you just don’t feel entirely sure about how you will get around to decorating them. That’s completely understandable. It can be a bit tricky figuring out how you can outwardly express your personal tastes in the form of décor around the home. In case you found yourself stuck in a design rut, wondering what you would want to do with tall outdoor planters if you had them, you can look here for a little styling inspiration. Take a look at a few different ways that you can arrange flowers and foliage in your tall outdoor planters.

Full All-Around

Fill out your flower arrangement by going more for full plants that may not have much height to them, but make up for it with volume. Smaller plants like baby’s breath can fill in some of the gaps so that your arrangement does not become too sparse. Feel free to choose voluminous, short-stemmed plants, since you do not have to worry about filling tall outdoor plantersentirely with soil. Many can be found with planter inserts to sit partway in the planter, leaving the bottom empty. This also makes them a little bit lighter to pick up and move as you like.

Even More Height

Of course, if you enjoy the elegance of the height that tall outdoor planters display, you can fully embrace that. Choose taller, slimmer plants for a more refined, minimal look. You can go for long-stemmed flowers like irises and lilies or instead plant a small tree like the Areca palm if you prefer the look of fresh green leaves rather than colorful petals. Whether you go floral or foliage, you will love the look of a tall plant rising up from a beautiful planter box.

Spill Over the Edges

A fun way to play off of the height of tall outdoor planters is to pick out plants that will overflow past the top of the planter. The tall planter gives the leaves and vines enough room to truly stretch and show off how beautiful this feature of theirs is. Rather than going up or out, you can bring your plants back down with string of hearts, satin pothos, or string of beads. The leaves spill over the edge of the planter in a way that screams effortless beauty.

If you just can’t shake the feeling that your yard or garden is missing something, then you may want to take the plunge headfirst and go for the tall outdoor planters you have been envisioning in your life. There is no better time than the present to seek out what you want and discover how you want those things to appear in your life. Before you get to the plants and floral arrangements, you have to start with the right tall planters. You may want to look around a shop like H Potter that sells quite a few tall outdoor planters and other types of planters you may be interested in down the line. But let’s try one thing at a time.