Wednesday, February 1

How to Clean Your Patio Awning?

Cleaning your awning is one of the crucial aspects of its maintenance. It not only helps it to look clean but also ensures it serves its purpose for long enough. 

With a few proper cleaning tips, now one can easily clean awning in the patio area effectively. Read below to know about them.

Take out debris

The first and foremost step in the awning cleaning process is to take a broom and remove any leaves, twigs, webs, or any other kind of dirt. Ensure that underside of the awning is not left out. Then work on spraying water on the surface. 

Wash with warm soap water

Soap a soft piece of cloth or mop and gently wipe the awning fabric. A reputed awning shampoo could even enhance the cleaning process effectively. 

Also, never try to use any chemicals or bleaching solution as they would easily damage the fabric quality. 

Scrub and scrub

Scrubbing would allow you to get rid of all the debris that is stuck on the awning and cannot be removed by a regular broom. 

Here are some extra solutions you can try in case of any strains left out. 

● Dish detergent for tackling mildew.

● Use some grease or paint remover for bird droppings.

● Acetone- a great item for removing oil. 

Rinse well

In the final step, rinse the fabric of the awning thoroughly. The cleaning solution should be completely removed from both the exteriors and interiors. Not doing so would attract dirt which could easily pave way for dirt to accumulate. 

One item which could be of great significance in this regard is the garden hose. The pressure from the hose would enhance the possibility of deep cleaning of the fabric. 

Let the awning dry on its own

Before you are set to roll the washed awning and keep it away, ensure it has dried completely. This will avoid moisture getting trapped which in turn, could result in mold or build-up. 

Hence, it would be much feasible for someone to carry out the washing process on a sunny and dry day. 

When to wash and how often to wash?

As already mentioned, dusting your patio awning should happen at the beginning and the end of the summer. In the beginning, a wash would take away any hoarded filth over time, whereas a clean in the end would aid in averting any damage while it is set to be packed and locked for winters.

Moreover, it would be much feasible if you would provide your awning a swift wash once a month which could stop the stacking up of any debris. 

To conclude, investing resources in cleaning your awning could promise attractiveness and longevity. This would add a shine to your patio which would further augment the aesthetic appeal of your property.