Thursday, December 8

How to Choose a Good Research Topic for your Thesis?

Your thesis depends on your topic. You can’t choose any random topic to write and expect your thesis to score good grades. It’s important to brainstorm ideas and pick the best title for your thesis. Or it’s wise to choose a topic which you love to write, have knowledge about it, or are eager to propose a solution on that topic. 

If you choose a topic inspired by your colleague but don’t have enough passion to write on it, your thesis would remain incomplete. So, it’s a must that you pick several topics, research on that and choose the one which you really want to. Remember that the thesis is the final stage of your academic career. You can’t afford to let it go by falling flat.

Here we will explain to you some important steps to choose the best topic for your thesis.

  1. Write Down all Ideas On a Paper

Whenever you’re going to start a thesis, note down all the ideas you have. Be it about your favorite subject, the problem which irritates you the most, the topic for which you have a solution in mind, or the one which you’re fond of writing. By bringing all the ideas on the paper, you’ll have clarity on the topic. If you’re interested in current affairs, health, medicine, literature, or music, jot it down and think which topic will interest your readers the most. 

The brainstorming exercise is very important before you start writing your thesis because if you don’t brainstorm, you’ll lack the clarity you need to complete your research till the end.

2. Filter the Topics

In step 1, you’ve noted down all the topics you have in your mind. For thesis, you only require one solid topic so, in step 2, you’ll need to filter the topics to select the one best. But before you start cutting down the topics, keep these questions in mind:

  • Do you love to write on the subject?
  • Can you maintain your interest throughout the process?
  • Will it be manageable?
  • Is the topic credible enough to write?
  • Do you have any background information about the topic?
  • Would you be able to complete it?
  • Do you have the required writing style to pursue the topic?

Keeping these questions in mind while selecting the topic will make it easy for you to write the thesis without any ambiguity. Also, if you choose the topic with enough research, you’ll be able to reach the final stage of the process with fewer obstacles. 

3. Research on the Topic

If in the first step, you’ve written down 10 topic ideas, in step 2, you must have filtered the 5 best. Now, still, you need filtration to choose one topic for your thesis. So, you need to research the background of all the chosen topics. Go to the internet and search for the general background information of all the topics and know that if the research piques your interest on that topic. Use magazines, Wikipedia, Google Scholar, newspaper articles, and also your colleagues to help to know the overview of the topic. You can also pursue any thesis writing services in Lahore to take the experts’ help on the topic. 

After having general information on all the topics, you’ll be clear which one is the best amongst all and how it will keep you going till the end. You’ll discover your passion for the subject and will be enthusiastic to write on it. 

4. Focus on the Topic

Now that you have decided on your topic, narrow your research on that topic. You need to be specific on the title. For example, if you have chosen any arts or literature topic, you’ll need to go into detail to choose one specific area of that topic. Will you focus on the problem and give a solution? Will you focus on the consequences and the importance of it? 

You need to find the core objective of your thesis and start it with clarity of mind. If you have chosen the topic but don’t know how to be specific, discuss it with your colleague or instructor and they will help you to extract the best one. For example, if your topic is environmental safety but don’t know what problem you should highlight in this topic then have an open discussion with your friends or peers and you’ll be able to come up with the best area of that topic.

When you are confident about your topic, then you should go with creating an outline of the topic that will also help you to understand and plan your thesis better.