Wednesday, February 1

How Entrepreneurs Twist their Bodies and Mind to Keep it Successful

Cardio To Pump Up Enthusiasm

Cardio is fantastic for your heart and brain, and Harvard Health recommends just 15 minutes of cardio a day for a healthy heart. 

If you are stressed a stressed entrepreneur, cardio can be a great way to help you let off steam. It also helps regulate your sleep. Also, it is a mood booster, helping you pump up enthusiasm for a day ahead that might be a bit of a challenge. 

Maybe you have a stressful meeting coming up; perhaps you are experiencing a period of slow business growth or car shipping problems. Whatever your difficulty, push yourself to get your heart rate up, and you will reap the benefits with your health, and how you feel overall. 

A Walk In Nature For Happiness

Forest bathing is not just a thing in Japan; the government recognises it as a healthful activity that improves your body and mind health. Being in nature has a whole host of benefits for entrepreneurs. You don’t have to in a forest, but in any setting away from buildings. A beach, a nature reserve, a lake, a field – any natural environment will do. A short walk without looking at your phone is ideal, although listening to a positive podcast can help some people feel more motivated. 

Just make sure you aren’t walking around staring at your cell phone or taking work calls. Instead, allow yourself to indulge in a moment away from the hustle and bustle. Pay attention to the animals you see, flora and fauna. How do the leaves feel rustling beneath your feet? How does the temperature feel on your cheeks? Nature helps us be more mindful and more present in the moment. 

This kind of activity is fantastic for entrepreneurs, giving the brain a break and the body a quick boost outdoors. Being in nature is especially recommended if you require some inspiration and creativity. Clearing your mind and being in a beautiful, open setting will help clean the cobwebs away, making room for those exciting business ideas to come through. 

Movement For A Better Body

Before I explain this point, let’s me just be clear, everybody is perfect, and everybody deserves respect and love regardless of their shape or size. 

However, should you wish to boost your overall appearance healthfully, then movement could be a great idea. A healthy, toned body in smart attire has the same effect on first impressions as a bright, healthy smile. The person meeting you will subconsciously know you are a hard worker, someone who has put a lot of time into self-improvement. A healthy body shows that you care about yourself, which means you care about your business and your clients — perfect traits for any entrepreneur.

It might sound superficial, but the fact is that first impressions will always count because that is how we are wired as humans. We check out a person to see if they are someone we want to reproduce with, someone who is a threat, someone who could be useful for our tribe because they are healthy. 

Those things are automatic, even if our conscious mind is elsewhere and seemingly non-judgemental. 

This type of judgement is especially evident in business when you might only meet someone for a short period; therefore, only having time to make a great first impression. Your words count for something, but studies published on media sites like Inc say we only have 27 seconds to make a first impression. Other studies have reported we have just 7 seconds.

Realistically, a healthy and happy appearance, smart clothes and a great smile are an excellent idea for any entrepreneur looking to make a good impression. 

Sports For Healthy Competition & Self Improvement

The ego can be a real problem for entrepreneurs in business. Instead of tuning in to emotional intelligence, which is an asset in business, we can often lead with ego, which never really works all that well. You truly have to know yourself well and be honest about your weaknesses to grow and succeed. 

However, that doesn’t mean a bit of healthy competition and adrenaline isn’t going to be helpful. 

Sports are great for your cardiovascular system, for your lungs, your muscles, your bones, but they also offer you a fantastic outlet for your ego. 

Here are some great sports for entrepreneurs to take part in:


As I mentioned above, being in nature is a great idea. If walking is not enough for you, why not try cycling through tight forest tracks to get your adrenaline pumping. Downhill trails with friends could be a great idea if you want to add an element of competition to the activity. 


Surfing is solitary, but there is a lot of competition with yourself as you strive to improve your technique. If you don’t live near the coast, there are trips you can take from the most prominent cities to the beach that could have you surfing within hours of finishing work. As an entrepreneur, you have the benefit of potentially working near the coast if you choose to, in which case, surfing should become part of your self-care regime. 


Tennis is a fantastic sport if you are competitive. Play against yourself in individual ball shooting units, or meet with a friend to hit out that frustration. If you really want to go for it, consider arranging a tennis work meeting with a potential client. I don’t recommend this if you are terrible at tennis as this won’t impress a potential customer!

Snowboarding/ Skiing

Snowboarding or skiing is best experienced in the mountains, but if you are very busy building a business and don’t have time to get to a ski resort, there are plenty of indoor centres you can use. Once you have finally learned how to do it, it is a beautiful way to burn some calories and let off steam. There are lots of moves you can learn and lots of ways to compete in a completely immersive environment. 


Running is free, it is excellent for your body, and you can compete with running easily. The best way to do this is by looking to improve your running time or distance on every trip. Once you are ready to compete against others, sign up for a social running club, a marathon or charity run which should help you then work towards more advanced goals within the sport. 

Taking part in competitive sports or sports that measure achievement is an excellent idea for the health of your body. It also enables you to achieve in an area separate from your business, which will boost your confidence and self-esteem, feeding back into the success of your entrepreneurship overall. 

Move Towards A Healthier Entrepreneurial Life

Hopefully, the tips above will help you feel inspired to move more to boost your entrepreneurial potential. Self-care is so essential when the ‘self’ is the business. With the right sport, morning exercise regime or lunch break stroll, you can feel better, look better and boost your health to future-proof the most crucial aspect of your business: you.