Wednesday, February 1

How Does Social Media Keep People Connected?

Can you recall a few things that have your life easier? We know that there won’t be any particular answer to this question. Rather all you might have multiple things because we are associated with so many things in our daily lives that make our work easier. However, there is one such thing that would be common to all. We are talking about Social Media applications or social networking sites. You must be having an account on single or multiple social media applications like Instagram, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Connected Indiaand others. All these applications enjoy millions of audiences daily.

While most of the social media users are there for watching entertaining content, you will also come across people who use social media applications to keep themselves updated. Social Media applications have made our lives easier and much more relaxed. There is hardly any day when you won’t see any news related to social media. Facebook and Twitter are those platforms that have become popular for people who wish to share their opinions and express their emotions in any matter.

Not to mention, Social Media Applications like ConnectedFacebook, Instagram, and others are helping people to connect. Who would have ever thought that while sitting in Delhi a person would be able to contact his family member or friend living in a different country? Well, social media has made it possible with options like Video calls, Voice Call, and messages. Not just friends and family members, Social Media applications also allow users to make new friends and communicate with strangers.

All these online platforms are developed in a way that they automatically give you suggestions to be friends with those people who share interests and passion. This is the reason you might have seen getting notifications on Facebook advising you to send a request to someone unknown. If your luck is good or if you are a jolly person, there is no harm in making new friends. For that purpose, all you have to do is check the profile of that request and send him a request.

If the other person accepts your request, there is no such thing that would stop you from communicating with that person. This is the magic of social media applications. Apart from keeping connected, Social Media applications also help companies and entrepreneurs to promote their products and services using these platforms.

So far we have only discussed the positive side of social media applications. However, people need to understand that Social Media applications can negatively affect your life if things are not executed properly. For example, if you are a freelancer who wants to work for a client, you find a few clients on Facebook, etc. However, there is no surety that the client would pay after the work.

Hence, despite so many advantages, Social Media applications have certain disadvantages too that should never be ignored. The only thing that can protect you from these scammers is your alert mind.