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How does Martin Garrix make music? | FL Studio | Music Production | Animals | Young talent

Martin Garrix and music production. How does he make hit tracks?

We all EDM fans know about Martin. Martin Garrix was born in Amstelveen in the Netherlands. And was always fascinated with music right from childhood. Martin Garrix uses FL Studio to make music.

As per Wikipedia, Garrix was discovered by Tiësto. In an interview, Garrix described Tiesto as inspirational, humble, and who always has been with him when he needed any help. I have seen some videos in which Garrix does speak about Tiesto and how he helped him in several ways in the industry.

As written in my previous blog as well, Garrix gained fame through his release, “Animals” on 16 June 2013. I have heard it more than 100 times. He also said in an interview that some people confuse the word animals with slang as it was recorded by himself.

But how did he make this hit track? In one of his interviews on YouTube, he describes how he made the track.

He uses FL Studio.

Fl Studio is software that is used for music production. It is also known as Digital Audio Workstation. There are several other DAW’s in the market. However, Fl Studio is known for its easy-to-use interface.


The software has three main sections: The playlist, the piano roll, and the Mixer.

The playlist is the place where you get to arrange the tracks. We can easily understand that each part of the track (pattern) is arranged in place. The patterns are arranged in each bar. The screenshot shows that the track is about 55 bars in length. When the track is arranged, we can play it using the play button. It isn’t hard to find. Or is it?!

We can render ( save ) the song using the FILE menu. Find out where it is located in the screenshot. But before we save the song, we also need to know how we need to enter notes and create the patterns that we are arranging. For that, we need to check out the piano roll section. Read below to know more.

The Piano roll and the Channel Rack is the place is where you can enter notes using the computer’s keyboard or a MIDI keyboard.

We can see in the screenshot, how the YouTuber is inserting notes into the piano roll. The big lines are the chord progression, and the melody is being done with small notes.

We don’t need to insert chords and melody on the same page of the piano roll. For that, we can also create a different piano roll which is also known as a Channel. The channel rack lists all the channels being used and each of them will have a piano roll of its own. We can right-click on the each channel and open the piano roll. We can see that in the second screenshot below.

The Mixer is the place where you can add the sounds and make them more fat and lively. This is one of the most important sections of any Digital Audio Workstation. This is the part with which we get to mix and master the track.

In general, it is done for each channel being used in the track and then some effects can also be added on the master of the full track. I will go in-depth about the mixing and mastering techniques in my other blogs.

This (below screenshot) is how it looks. We all have seen a similar device in pictures of recording studios. This is just the same. It’s the soft version and not a physical one.

Each volume knob that you see is there for us to add each channel on them. And then use the slots to add different effects on the channels. Equal, reverb, delay, compressions are important mixing and mastering effectors.

Read my mixing and mastering blogs to know how to do it. It’s easy.

Martin used the same software to perfection. He engineered his unique sound.

And that is the reason he has got marketed well. At the time when Avicii, Tiesto, Armin, and David Guetta were ruling the EDM scene, he had broken the mainstream sound with a unique one.

Also, he was only 14 when he was already making remixes and good ones too. A Dj, more than making music, needs more tours for concerts and festivals. He was young and energetic, good-looking, positive. And that I believe has done the trick for his rise in the industry.

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