Wednesday, February 1

How a DeMarini Softball Bag Will Change Your Entire Experience

Bats and fielding gloves get most if not all of the spotlight when it comes to new-gear-hype. Bats with improved double-wall construction promise to deliver higher compressibility, gloves with carbon fiber shells promise to be lighter and stronger, and so on and so forth. No one is allotting any of that glory to the lowly softball bag.

All of that is going to change, though. A DeMarini softball bag isn’t a piece of gear that you can use in the middle of a game, but it will change the way you prepare for practice, games, and travel

  • Armored, lockable bat compartments with room for more than one.

The bat you practice and ultimately play with is one of the most important pieces of equipment you own, especially if your strength is over the plate. Bats are tough, but they’re not impervious to damage. They’re also not cheap. You’ll want to protect your investment in your gear in any way possible. One of the things that are so great about DeMarini softball bags is that they have specialized compartments for an assortment of different gear, including bats. Some of them even have a lockable compartment for your bats, with several sleeves so you can bring plenty along.

  • Breathable shoe compartments.

Your shoes are going to get wet, whether from you sweating in them or from playing or practicing on wet turf or grass. That’s just an inevitable condition of the game. However, because of this, you’ll need to let your shoes dry off completely before storing them. That isn’t always possible, so DeMarini thought about it and created some of their softball bags with breathable shoe compartments. This way, your shoes will air out more thoroughly, cutting back on odor and damage.

  • Specialized cooler pockets.

There’s no hiding the fact that players love to bring along a snack for the game or just for practice, even if it’s just a handful of sunflower seeds or beef jerky. Anyone who thinks ahead with a more proper arrangement like a sandwich will need somewhere to store it; but not to fear, many DeMarini gear bags come with specialized cooler compartments!

  • Special storage for sunglasses, valuables, and more.

Additionally, DeMarini has created a variety of thoughtfully designed softball bags with a number of other specialized pockets. For example, some of their gear bags have special, fleece-lined pockets for the storage of valuables like phones and other fragile electronics. Other DeMarini bags even have special pockets for the storage of sunglasses, because, let’s face it – you can neither play nor practice during the day without these!

  • Hardbody construction with molded sidewalls.

Many DeMarini bags are also made with hard body construction and molded sidewalls. This not only further protects your gear but also makes it easier to transport and store the bag. Some other bags become lopsided and asymmetrically loaded when they’re all packed up; that won’t happen with DeMarinis that feature this construction.

  • Too heavy to carry? Just roll it around.

Finally, many DeMarini softball bags are made with inline roller wheels and stiff tow handles so that you can easily get them from place to place. From time to time, we could all use a break, and when you’re loaded up and need to save your energy for the game, DeMarini makes it easy.

There you have some of the best reasons that a DeMarini gear bag will change the way you think about transporting your gear. It might never be your favorite piece of equipment, but with one, you’ll spend less time and effort getting to and from the field.

If you want to see some actual examples of DeMarini bags for sale, visit HB Sports at, or call them for more information at 1-888-540-BATS.