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Hacks to Store Garden Tools in a Well-organised Way

Have you ever been frustrated with not finding a pair of hand gloves or a spade? If so, it is duration to make your garden well-organised. If you want to spend only a little bit of time in your garden, you should keep all tools in a dedicated spot, so you do not have to run here and there.

You may decide to keep all tools in one place, but it may not be possible. A separate dedicated space for a particular tool is a must, so you spend less time searching. In order to create a space for tools, you do not require someone to install shelves, baskets, pots, and the like. 

You need to be a bit clever to keep your tools well-organised. For instance, a tiny spot in the garage or a potting shed can come in handy to keep garden tools. You do not need to create a new space. Hence, you will be less likely to require to bring out short-term loans.  

Hacks to organise your garden tools

Here are the best hacks that you should organise your garden tools:

Easy Garden Hose Storage

Storing a hose is the most challenging way to keep your garden organised. It brings up much space again, and even if you roll it, it looks messy. Try to keep your garden hose neat and tidy. Now you do not need to push it into a corner of your garden.

You can roll around a tin bucket. It usually comes with shelves that you can use to keep other tools. You can hurl it in the bucket if this seems like it could be more feasible. This is more reasonable than tolerating it on the ground in a corner.

Bin with shelves

You will require several instruments to keep your garden tidy and clean. These tools include a hand trowel, rake, digging fork, spade, shovel, pruners, and so on. You will certainly need a dedicated space to store such tools. 

Even if you live in your own house, you do not need to create shelves to store these tools. Just buy a bin that has a few shelves and use it to store these tools. You can mount it on the wall, so it remains fixed. Just grab the tools you need and get to work. 

Basic tool basket

You may need some tools more often for gardening, and therefore they must be kept close o your garden. Try to have a small basket to keep small but frequently used tools. It is good if your garden has a dedicated space to hang the basket. 

Otherwise, you can scale it on the wall or the door closer to your garden. Therefore, you can take it off the peg and carry it with you to your garden. Such kind of basket is usually ideal for gloves, shears, trowels, and the like. 

A plain shelf for big tools

If you have to access large tools like shovels, digging forks, etc., you may want it difficult to go to the garage to collect them. Just install a simple shelf on the wall so you can hang them. It will be better to have a wall near your garden where you can easily install this rack. 

You do not need to bend down to get them off the floor. Just get them off the shelf and do gardening.

Garage organisation

You can make the space more organised if you want to keep your garden tools in a garage. Just install horizontal tracks and use them to hang extensive tools. However, you can place small tools on shelves. Racks will be an easy solution to make your garage organised.

Garden storage bench

A Garden storage bench is a perfect solution if you have limited space in the backyard. Dedicated storage for your tools in a garden is possible only when you have sufficient space. 

Have a bench in your garden that has a hollow space for storage. Put all your tools in the boxes beneath the bench. Regardless of what they are made with, try to put up a shed so as to protect the bench against inclement weather conditions.

Organised garden shed

Many people struggle to keep their garden sheds tidy and clean. However, you can declutter it by just adding a pegboard panel. Attach hooks, and you can hang numerous types of tools. 

Taking them off the hook will be much easier than letting them be scattered. 

Outdoor storage locker

You can have a storage system in your garden or keep some of your tools in the garage. However, some people with limited space in the backyard need more space to store tools in an organised way. 

If you can’t walk back and forth or carry all tools with you from the garage to the garden, consider investing in an outdoor storage locker. Make sure that you choose a space for a locker from where it is convenient to access the garden. 

It depends on the space available in the garden that you choose a size for a locker. You can store even larger tools if the store is big. 

To wrap up

Storing garden tools in an organised way can be tricky, undoubtedly. However, there are certain hacks you can use to make it organised without shelling out money. The above-mentioned ways can help you create an organised way in your garden. 

There are so many other ways to do so. For instance, you can create a separate rack for each tool, but it will be quite expensive. Further, it needs a lot of space. Though there are as many options as available for storing tools in an organised way, you will have to ponder over other factors too.

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